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Rick Roehl & Tim Norlin on SiriusXM



CEO Rick Roehl and Tim Norlin, Roehl's Vice President of Driver Employment recently joined KC Phillips on RoadDog Live to discuss how Roehl Transport started, how Rick grew up in the business and so much more.  


Rick Roehl talks about how he always wanted to be a driver, and he recounts how he got his license when he was 18, then bought his first truck when he was 21. Rick went on to get his degree in accounting, and as CEO, he maintains his CDL and still hauls loads to stay close to the work our driving teammates do to service our customers. Rick shares insights about the transportation industry and his view as a leader of one of the largest and safest trucking companies in North America.


You can listen to the entire great episode by clicking this link (mp3 file)

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Tim covers many of the excellent truck driving jobs we have available - ranging from home weekly regional fleets (our Dairyland fleet for example), to dedicated trucking jobs (Medford, Oregon flatbed) to national fleets with flexible home time (Dry Van National). Tim added that Roehl local driving jobs (Chicago local, Central Wisconsin local) are also being added to meet our customer needs

Both Rick and Tim discuss how Roehl drivers can give themselves a raise through Roehl's innovative pay packages. Rick also explains how Roehl currently pays practical route miles (which pays Roehl drivers 5-8% more per mile than HHG miles), and how Roehl's working on an update that will pay address to address.  

Rick, Tim and KC also talk about some of the benefits of driving for Roehl, such as our Profit Sharing. Roehl's built on values, and if you are interested in joining TeamRoehl, let's connect!

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