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Roehl Leads The Industry In Mileage Pay Calculations Once Again



Are you getting paid for the miles you really drive?

Back in 2004, Roehl Transport became one of the first carriers to offer our drivers Practical Route Mileage pay. At the time, that represented an increase of nearly 10% from the short route miles which, believe it or not, many carriers still base their pay on.

Once again, we are leading the industry in how driver mileage is calculated.

We are now able to enhance Practical Route Mileage with Address-to-Address Mileage calculations. This means that Roehl drivers get paid the practical route miles from pick-up address to destination address rather than from city center to city center – so they are getting paid for more of the miles they actually drive.

What are short route/HHG miles?

Short route miles are the shortest distance between two points traveling on authorized highways. They are calculated from the center of the starting city to the center of the destination city. Short route miles are also known household goods or HHG miles, and many shippers and carriers base their rates on them.

What are practical route miles?

Practical route miles are based on roads designated as truck routes and roads that, while perhaps a longer distance, offer time savings. Practical route miles are also calculated using the center of the starting city to the center of the destination city. While still more accurate than short route miles, there is still room for inaccuracy in calculating actual miles because even the most modestly sized cities could be several miles distance from one end to the other.

What are address-to-address practical route miles?

Address to address practical route miles have the advantages of using the practical route and the actual starting and ending address for a load. As a result, these mileage calculations more accurately reflect the miles Roehl drivers have driven on each load.

Let’s look at an example load to see the difference.

For the purpose of our example, our starting address is:
the 1700 block of 49th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN  55430

And the destination address is:
the 600 block of East Marceau St.
St. Louis, MO 6311

Using the Short Route/HHG calculation, this load pays 542 miles.
Using Practical Route, this load pays 565 miles.
And using address-to-address mileage the load pays 571 miles.

As you can see, the short route miles can leave you feeling, well, a little short. In this case, 29 miles short.

So if you’re at a carrier that is still only paying you short route miles, give yourself a raise and get paid for more of the miles you actual drive by joining Roehl.

Our drivers are leaders. Our leader is a driver

Tim Norlin is Roehl Transport's VP of Driver Employment. Learn more about Tim here.

Tim Norlin

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Video: Address-to-Address Practical Route Mileage Truck Driver Pay


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