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Pay, Benefits & More in the Get Your CDL Truck Driving Job

The support to go far.

Pay and benefits that make a difference in your life.


Inexperienced Truck Driving Jobs Pay & Benefits

Earning Potential.

Get consistent miles, a great mileage rate, 95% no-touch freight, the opportunity to earn pay increases each quarter, paid orientation and so much more when you join Roehl.  As you gain experience, you'll earn more because you'll be able to drive longer, you'll be more efficient and you'll make choices to do so.

While most trucking companies still use an old flat cents per mile (CPM) rate, we created the Your Choice Pay Plans™ to reward you for your performance, efficient driving and safety. You can achieve higher levels of pay or bonuses through higher levels of performance.  Instead of being restricted to an annual increase or bonus, you can "choose" to get a quarterly performance bonus or get the next higher pay level by being a high performer. You can get a quaterly bonus or earn a pay increase every quarter up to our top rate.
The Your Choice Pay Plans put you in control so you don’t have to wait on annual bonuses and annual pay increases, like at other trucking companies. Roehl is a certified Top Pay Carrier, and your mileage rate in the Your Choice Pay Plans is just part of your income.

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Exclusive Extras.
In addition to the pay plan CCJ Magazine dubbed “Innovative” and “A Better Way To Pay,” Roehl also covers a ton of extras that most trucking companies can’t touch. You’ll get paid for:
  • Intermediate Stops
  • Tarping and Untarping (flatbed)
  • Hand Load or Unload (95% of our van loads are no-touch)
  • Detention Time
  • Short Haul Pay (loads under 100 miles)
  • Layover Day
  • New York City and Long Island (less than 1% of our freight goes there)
  • Canada Pay (if you’re on a fleet that goes into Canada)
  • Placard Load Premium
  • Refrigerated Modular Unload
  • Secondary Load

Premium Benefits.

Roehl offers a complete benefits package, including one of the top profit-sharing contributions among US trucking companies, to support drivers and their families. In a truck driving job with Roehl, you’ll find our benefits both comprehensive and affordable. 



Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Life InsuranceBasic & Supplemental

Short-Term Income Protection (STIP)

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

401(k) & Profit-sharing Contributions



Voluntary Benefits

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Referral Program.

There’s no greater way to grow Roehl Transport than to have existing drivers recommend friends and family they believe in. Refer an experienced CDL driver to Roehl Transport and you can up your income by $1,500. Or refer a recent CDL school graduate or someone who needs their CDL - we offer a bonus for those hires, too! There is no limit to the number of drivers you can refer, or the rewards you can collect, and you can easily submit them through the MyRoehl app.


Take Home and Be Home More.

You understand what it's like to be out on the road - sometimes for weeks at a time.  At Roehl, you only stay out that long if you want to.  We offer some of the best home time in the industry, with HOMEtime PLUS fleets that give you up to 26 weeks off a year.  Our flexible home time options are designed to give you a LOT—a Life Outside the Truck™.

Talk to a Driver Employment Specialist to learn more about the available fleets in your area for your experience level.
National Fleets

11-14 days out and 3 days home. Stay out longer and go home for up to 7 days at a time.   

Home Weekly

Regional fleets offer weekly home time. We also have some dedicated fleets that feature weekly home time.

HOMEtime Plus™ 14/7

Get high miles and extended home time. Drive 14 days and enjoy 7 off.

HOMEtime Plus™ 7/4-7/3

Average 120 days off each year and get home every other week. Drive for 7 days with 4 days at home, followed by another 7 days with 3 days at home.

HOMEtime Plus™ 7/7

Get up to 26 weeks off a year, driving 7 days out with 7 days at home.

Home daily

Our local drivers are home every day, with most positions based out of our terminals.

Your Choice Pay Plan™ - "Innovative" and "A Better Way to Pay"

For most companies, a driver's cents per mile is contingent on their experience level and time at the company. A truck driving salary model that rewards people for longevity and experience is one way to compensate truck drivers, and historically, it is how the industry has done it. Roehl fits into that model (and we were traditionally considered by industry groups as having some of the highest paying trucking jobs - that's was our reputation and how we became known as the "Take Home More, Be Home More" carrier). However, what sets us apart when it comes to pay is how we began to pay drivers for things that lots of other companies did not (see the list below).

Around 2004, as part of our desire to advance truck driving pay (and pay drivers for more of the miles they actually drove), we were one of the first major carriers to pay practical route miles. Basically, this style of pay adds up to around 5% more per year than companies that pay HHG (household good / short route) miles. We continue to compensate our drivers using practical route mileage and have now included address-to-address mileage calcuations (and as a result, these mileage calculations more accurately reflect the miles Roehl drivers have driven on each load).

In 2012, we unveiled a new compensation model, one that's based on performance, not on longevity. This model, while a bit more complex than the industry standard, has been extermely popular with professional drivers across experience levels. It was clear that the new model changed the focus on a simple calculation and empowered drivers to control their W-2s. One of the more unique aspects of Premium Mileage Pay Plan is the ability to get a pay increase each quarter, instead of being restricted to an annual raise at most carriers. The impact on a driver is that you can "choose" the next higher pay level by being a high performer.

In 2018, we created our Performance Bonus Plan for those drivers who would rather be certain their pay is always consistent. With this option, drivers earn a flat cents-per-mile with a tenure-based raise, however they are also eligible for performance-based bonuses using the same scoring as the Premium Mileage Pay Plan. You can read more about the Your Choice Pay Plan options in our blog.

Why wait five or ten years to max out with a company - Roehl drivers can have high-paying trucking jobs much faster. We also reward drivers for safe driving, and for referring other drivers to Roehl as well as offer profit sharing so you can retire in style - these are the extras that go over and above truck driver pay. We're proud to be certified as a "Top Pay Carrier" by the National Transportation Institute. That means ours are among the highest paying trucking jobs.

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The Roehl Way

The industry’s top safety program and record. Safety is our cornerstone value—the first and foremost consideration in everything we do, no matter what. That's why we've gone beyond "off-the-shelf" defensive driving programs and developed the concept of "protective driving." As a Roehl driver, you will learn to actively protect yourselves and others.

The Roehl Way Protective Driving Program™ is the most advanced safe driving program in the industry and has resulted in a dramatic reduction in accident rates.
  • Drivers have final say on road conditions – if you don’t feel safe, you don’t drive, no questions asked.
  • We’ve won trucking’s top honor three times - the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) President’s Trophy Award.
  • Two-time consecutive winner of Truckload Carrier Association’s (TCA) Annual Fleet Safety Grand Prize.


The Roehl Way of Protective Driving logo

Take the best parts of home on the road.

Once you’ve gained six months of experience and success on the road, you’ll be eligible for two of our programs that let you bring loved ones with you.

Passenger Program: Our Passenger Program lets you share the journey with anyone that matters to you - spouse, child parent brother sister significant other or friend.

Pet Passport Program: For many of us, pets are an important part of our life. If you want to have your dog or cat with you in your truck, you can with Roehl’s Pet Passport Program. 

Talk to a Driver Employment Specialist to learn more about the programs and to get answers to your specific questions.