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Rick Roehl, CEO
A native of Marshfield, Wisconsin, Rick literally grew up in his dad Everett's business. Rick has done most every job in the company from company driver to fleet manager to load planner and everything in between. 

After Rick earned his Associate of Arts degree in accounting, he became a truck fleet Owner Operator leasing his trucks to Roehl Transport. This experience gave Rick the grounding in understanding truck operations, costs, cash flow, equipment, customer service and time management.  

Rick maintains his Class A CDL. He's a professional driver who still gets behind the wheel to stay close to our drivers and customers.

Rick Roehl, CEO

Roehl's an industry leader.

Video: Our Drivers Are Leaders. Our Leader Is A Driver®.


Roehl was not built to serve shareholders or banks. We’re built to serve our customers, and we do that by taking care of our drivers. Watch this video to see why Rick Roehl gets behind the wheel, going over the road to do what the most important people in this company do, hauling freight.