Roehl Locations Map

Capacity. Safety. Service.

With over 5,000 trailers and 2,000 power units on the road, Roehl Transport is one of the nation’s 100 largest trucking companies with the capacity you want, when you need it.  

We’ll help you control your shipping costs through our relentless pursuit of operational efficiency, and we’ll maintain our superior service while we do it.  

Our advanced technologies give you instant accessibility, easy management and solid control of your shipping process—from order to billing.

We offer:

  • Optimization modeling and routing
  • Web-based load tracking
  • Full-scale EDI capabilities
  • Electronic tender/billing/invoicing

Finally, Roehl’s safety record as one of the absolute best in the industry is important because it is directly related to other values you seek in a carrier—responsibility, courtesy, commitment and professionalism.

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