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Free CDL Practice Tests

General Knowledge, Air Brakes & Combination Vehicle CDL Practice Tests

CDL Practice Tests Overview

We've provided instructions to Get Your CDL Program job seekers so that you understand how the program works. Becoming a professional over-the-road truck driver requires getting your commercial drivers license (CDL). To obtain your CDL, you'll need to first get your commercial learners permit (CLP), and to do that, you'll need to pass three written tests at your local drivers' licensing office.

Use the free CDL practice tests on this page to check your knowledge and prepare for your written CDL exams. There are two types of commercial drivers license practice tests on our site.

The first set of commercial practice test has feedback, including explanations for the answers. You can think of this practice CDL test as a CDL study guide.

The second group of CDL practice tests simulates taking the written CDL exam - no feedback, just the the questions and answers. You can check your knowledge and see if you are ready to get your CLP and CDL.

There Are Three Different Commercial Driver's License Tests.

We have three different CDL practice tests, and we've provided two versions for you to use when studying for your CDL training.

When you go to the driver licensing center, you must take and pass those three tests to get your CLP, so use these written sample tests as well as the resources from your state (including state-specific DMVcdl practice tests) and our site to prepare yourself!

These free tests are provided as a supplemental resource. You can also use the CDL Manual as a CDL study guide. If you'd like more support, you can look at our resources for those seeking a CDL training school, and remember, our program is unique. We're not a school selling commercial truck driver training. We pay you while you get your CDL - that's part of your job!

How Do I Take a Practice CDL Test?

Use the links below to open the practices test. The tests simulate the types of questions you might see when you take the tests at your local drivers licensing office. Then, you'll be ready for entry level truck driving jobs at a top trucking company like Roehl!

CDL practice test General Knowledge


CDL practice test Air brakes


CDL practice test Combination vehicle

CDL Practice Test Study Guide

If you’re considering getting your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created many resources to help you be successful, including our step-by-step process to get paid while you get your CDL.

Before you take the CDL exam in your state, you’ll want to prepare as much as possible. Along with downloading the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration CDL Manual, you can also practice for the CDL using free practice tests online. To get ready for these CDL practice tests, start with this general study guide, which includes answers to frequently asked questions about the CDL exam process.

After completing your study, you’ll be ready to obtain your Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP). A CLP allows you to progress to the next phase of truck driver training, which involves gaining important behind-the-wheel experience.

Using a CDL Test Study Guide

As you prepare for the CDL exam, you’ll want to start at the source of information. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration along with state departments of transportation are responsible for CDL testing guidelines. However, there are no standardized guidelines that apply to all CDL exam testing centers in every state.

Our CDL practice test study guide covers the things you’ll need to know to begin preparing for the CDL exam at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

About CDL Test Prep

Whether you’re trying to get a Class A CDL, Class B CDL, or a Class C, we have some tips to help. See the FAQ: CDL Exam section below for tips on how to find free CDL practice tests and CDL test study guides, along with how to use these for successful CDL test prep.

Two Major CDL Exams

Just like getting a regular driver’s license, getting a CDL requires two major tests: a permit and a skills test.

The first exam is a written test you take to get your CLP (commercial learners permit). With a CLP, you can actually train to drive. Once you’re ready to test for your CDL, you must pass a driving skills exam.

Here’s what you need to know about getting your CLP.

You must first pass exams to get your CLP. The minimum you need to pass for Roehl Transport’s paid CDL training job are the General Knowledge, Combination Vehicle & Air Brakes.

The primary exam you’ll start with is the General Knowledge test. This portion of the driving exam covers everything you can learn from reading a manual or study guide. As a part of this exam, you’ll also be tested on Combination Vehicles and Air Brakes, which are two separate additional tests you’ll need to get your CLP.

The second major exam for the CDL is the behind-the-wheel driving exam. To prepare for this exam, you’ll need to attend truck driver training.

There are several options. Three of the most popular ways to obtain truck driver training is through a truck driving school (either a for-profit trucking school or a community college), through a company sponsored CDL training program (typically called “contract CDL training provided at for-profit trucking school by paid for in part or whole by a trucking company) or through with the actual trucking company, like Roehl Transport’s paid while you train on-the-job CDL truck driver program called “Get Your CDL.”

Getting Your Commercial Learner's Permit

When you pass the General Knowledge, Air Brake and Combination Vehicle portions of the CDL exam, you’ll receive your commercial learner’s permit. The CLP allows you to get behind the wheel and gain some valuable driving experience. This is the next step to becoming a commercial truck driver. By getting your CLP, you’re ready to start truck driver training, which we offer at Roehl Transport. When you choose our paid CDL training, you can earn a paycheck while you get your CDL.

Our paid CDL training is for both student drivers and new hires who have a CLP. With our program, you’re hired on the first day — and your job is to get your CDL. In three weeks, you’ll learn the skills you need to get your CDL, and then you’ll continue with paid over-the-road training, actually doing the job of a professional truck driver with a Certified Driver Trainer. After that, you’ll get your own truck and head out on your own!

Learn more about getting your CLP

CDL Endorsement Exams

There are also additional exams for CDL endorsements that you can take to supplement your Commercial Driver's License. Note, these are not required for you to be eligible for your first top-paying trucking job. We’ll cover the two most common CDL endorsements so you know what they are: tanker and hazardous materials.

The tanker and hazmat endorsements allow you to haul hazardous materials, as well as tank loads. When you get both of these endorsements on your CDL, your license is designated as a combination endorsement, signified with an X on your ID. There are other endorsement exams beyond these two, such as doubles/triples for hauling more than one trailer at a time.

There are also endorsements or classes for drivers interested in transporting passengers and operating school buses. These endorsements are not necessary for the type of Class A truck driving jobs offered by Roehl Transport.

What do I need to know about Entry Level Truck Driver Training (ELDT)?

Roehl Transport is a registered training provider on the Training Provider Registry (TPR), and we have the resource to help you be successful. To learn more about the ELDT mandate, please read our ELDT And What It Means When Getting Your CDL article.

Choose Tuition-Free CDL Training Today

As you continue to practice and prepare for taking the CDL exam and getting your CLP, consider the many resources we offer at Roehl Transport, including our free commercial driver's license practice tests, our CDL test study guide, and our on-the-job paid CDL training for new drivers. Learn more about our additional benefits for truck drivers who need a CDL along with how you can get started at Roehl Transport today.

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Am I Allowed to Use CDL Test Answers to Study for the CDL Exam?

You are. In fact, you can find Free CDL Practice Tests right here at Roehl Transport. Our CDL test prep guide provides you with real CDL test questions and answers. These tests allow you to visualize and prepare for what will be on the exam. If you’re anxious about taking the test, this is a great way to calm your nerves and boost your test-taking confidence.

In addition to Roehl-provided practice tests, you can also find free CDL practice tests on most state DMV websites. If the state DMV is offering you CDL test questions and answers in printable or online format, you can rest assured that you’re allowed to use these resources. We recommend taking as many free practice tests for the CDL that you can find, ensuring that you’re fully confident in the material. Confidence is part of the path to success when it comes to test-taking.

Where Can I Find State Specific Commercial Driver’s Licensing (CDL) Guides and Manuals?

A state-specific commercial driver guide or manual is a handbook that details everything you need to know about safely driving a commercial vehicle in that particular state. Every state has its own CDL handbook and CDL test. Most of the information and questions and answers are crossovers from state-to-state, based on the Federal Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This is because the FMCSA requires all states to be in compliance with any federally mandated regulations for the commercial driving sector. For example, once electronic logging devices (ELDs) were mandated for federal regulations, states had a set period of time in which to update their own regulatory codes.

When you read through one of these state’s commercial driver guides or handbooks, there’s a lot of information; however, don’t get overwhelmed. It’s important to understand the rules and state safety regulations, but with some studying and practice test taking, you should be well prepared.

  • Every state will provide you with a copy of the state-specific commercial driver handbook/manual/guide. You can get a copy either digitally online or in print in the mail. If you are interested in the digital file (online version of the state-specific CDL handbooks/manuals/guides), click your state abbreviation below (you will be taken directly to the PDF version, which you will need to download):

AL     AK     AZ     AR      CA      CO      CT      DE      FL      GA

HI     ID      IL     IN      IA      IA      KY      LA      ME      MD

MA      MI      MN      MS      MO      MT      NE      NV      NH      NJ

NM      NY      NC      ND      OH      OK      OR      PA      RI      SC

SD      TN      TX      UT      VT      VA      WA      WV      WI      WY


Start by reading your state guide. Then work your way through Roehl's CDL Practice Tests, where you can find CDL test questions and answers in printable or written form. This way you can see examples of test questions along with CDL test answers.

How Many Exams are Required for Getting a CDL?

The CDL exam has two different parts. First, you have the written exam, which is what you must pass to get your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). The CLP is a requirement for any student driver training to take the road skills test.

If you go through a truck driving school or other company sponsored CDL training program, you may start with getting your CLP. Once you have your CLP for at least 14 days, you can return to the DMV to take the road skills test. This test is the final part of the CDL exam, and when you pass this test, you’ll have your selected class of CDL. This makes you a commercial driver ready for employment.

How do I get my CDL with Roehl?
An important distinction with Roehl Transport’s paid on-the-job training program is that you start the training with your CLP already. Roehl’s team of Employment Advisors and Driver Employment Specialists will help you understand the steps you need to take so you can be hired on the first day of your training, and we provide a ton of free resources like the CDL practice tests so you can spend your time learning how to get your CDL (and getting paid while you do it).

What’s the Format of the CDL Exam?

In all states, the test format for the CDL exam is the same. Each knowledge test is multiple choice. For the CDL General Knowledge Test, you have 60 minutes to answer 50 questions.

Please note if you are taking any of the endorsement exams, this will add to your testing time. However, there are no time limits for completing these tests, according to most state DMVs. Here are the number of questions for endorsement testing:

  • The Tank Vehicle Endorsement Knowledge Test Has 20 Questions.
  • The School Bus Endorsement Knowledge Test Has 25 Questions.
  • The Double/Triple Endorsement Knowledge Test Has 20 Questions.
  • The Air Brakes Endorsement Knowledge Test Has 25 Questions.
  • The Passenger Endorsement Knowledge Test Has 20 Questions.
  • The CDL Combination Endorsement Knowledge Test Has 20 Questions.
  • The Hazardous Materials Endorsement Knowledge Test Has 30 Questions.

This should help you get an idea of how long you’ll be at your local DMV for the CDL exam, based on the endorsement exams you plan to take.

What Kind of Questions Are on the CDL Exam?

To find out what type of questions you’ll see on the actual test, look at the sections on the CDL General Knowledge test for your specific CDL class. As someone interested in driving for Roehl Transport, you’ll need to get a Class A CDL. This allows you to be an over-the-road truck driver pulling dry van and refrigerated freight as well as flatbed trailer loads, among others. In order to be a Roehl driver, you’ll also be required to take the Air Brakes, Combination Vehicle and General Knowledge tests. To prepare for these tests, we recommend you check out:

What Topics Are Covered on the General Knowledge Test?

The key to being ready for the General Knowledge exam for the CDL starts with understanding how to operate a Class 8 semi-tractor while also pulling a trailer loaded for a total weight of 80,000 pounds. You also need to be able to handle the paperwork that comes with being a trucker. This paperwork starts with your electronic logging records, but also includes pre- and post-inspection records. Some of the functions and processes you need to be able to do as a professional truck driver include the following:

  • Be Able To Operate All Of The Control Systems In A Tractor-trailer.
  • Be Prepared To Conduct Pre-trip Inspections And Post-trip Inspections According To FMCSA Regulations.
  • Understand How To Use An Electronic Logging Device And Record And Transmit Your Hours Of Service Using An ELD(Electronic Logging Device).
  • Be Capable Of Communication As A Commercial Truck Driver.
  • Know How To Do A Visual Search As You Are Driving.
  • Be Able To Maintain Accurate Spacing When Driving Alongside Other Vehicles.
  • Understand How To Check And Maintain All Systems Within The Truck.
  • Maintain A Safe Operating Speed In All Driving Conditions.
  • Know How To Handle Your Cargo.
  • Be Able To Back Up A Trailer.
  • Know How To Couple A Trailer.
  • Be Able To Uncouple A Trailer.
  • Know How To Handle An Equipment Malfunction.
  • Understand How To Plan A Route.
  • Have Life Skills To Be Able To Handle Life Over The Road, E.g., Dealing With Stress And Eating Meals.
  • Be Capable Of Handling Environmental Issues.
Our CDL test prep helps prepare you to take the General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles and Air Brakes tests in your state. Take advantage of the free CDL practice tests Roehl Transport offers. We provide you with comprehensive self-tests you can take to identify your weak areas.

To get started, check out the CDL General Knowledge Practice Test, as well as the practice tests for Combination Vehicles and Air Brakes. You’ll find two versions of each of our practice tests available online for you to take at any time. Practice for the CDL exam on your own time, when it’s convenient for your busy schedule. If you have general questions about the process, call our Employment Advisors – they are an additional resource for you.

Do I Have to Study and Pass Any Endorsement Exams as a New Truck Driver?

You can obtain endorsements for your commercial driver’s license. At a minimum, Roehl Transport requires you get the air brakes and combination vehicle endorsements. If you plan on obtaining endorsements, you’ll want to go ahead with the relevant exam when you take the written and skills exams. This will save you the time and trouble of returning to the DMV and getting back into test-taking mode, however many drivers get their Hazardous Materials Endorsements after they get their CDLs. Having a haz-mat endorsement means you can haul more diverse freight, and that makes you more valuable to many trucking companies.

What Other Resources Should I Use When Studying for the CDL Exam?

  • Your steps towards getting a CDL should start with your state-specific CDL handbook. This is available at any DMV office, online, or by mail. Check with your local DMV office for details.
  • You’ll also want to get a pre-trip inspection checklist.
  • Also look for CDL test questions and answers in printable format, such as free CDL test questions and answers PDF. Print this list or save it to your smartphone or tablet. Then you can scroll through these whenever you have some time to study. Looking over the standard format and reading through the material will help you prepare.
  • If you have other questions, such as “How do I get a cdl near me?” call our Employment Advisors – they provide additional support including step-by-step guidance for how to get cdl training.
  • Finally, understand the Entry Level Driver Training requirements. Roehl is a registered training provider on the Training Provider Registry (TPR).

Any Final Study Tips for the CDL Exam?

Prepare for the CDL exam by studying for the test in as many different formats as possible. Start with the state handbook (you can find the links in this guide under the section titled “State Specific Commercial Driver’s Licensing (CDL) Guides and Manuals”), and then look at a pre-trip inspection checklist. Then quiz yourself with a free CDL practice test as often as you want. This will give you the feel and experience of actually taking the CDL exam. You’ll take the test using a computer, so you can set up a mock experience in your home as you practice with our free CDL tests.

Choose Roehl Transport for Paid CDL Training and Trucking Jobs

At Roehl Transport, we specialize in CDL test prep as part of our paid CDL training services. Our student drivers go from rookies to experienced professionals with high-paying trucking jobs at our company. Start with our free CDL practice tests as part of your CDL test prep. Then contact Roehl to find out how to get started with your first trucking job.

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Free CDL Practice Tests

Taking a CDL Practice Test

Free General Knowledge CDL Practice Test

Use this free General Knowledge commercial drivers license practice test to prepare yourself to get your CLP.
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Truck Route Map

Free Air Brakes CDL Practice Test

Use this free Air Brakes commercial drivers license practice test to prepare yourself to get your CLP.
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Roehl Dry Van semi truck on Causeway

Free Combination Vehicle Practice CDL Test

Use this free Combination Vehicle commercial drivers license practice test to prepare yourself to get your CLP.
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Truck Route Map - Map of Truck Driving Route

General Knowledge CDL Practice Test Version 2

Take this CDL Practice test that focuses on General Knowledge questions to get ready for your commercial learners permit exam. Roehl offers multiple free practice CDL tests to help you get cdl training.
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CDL Instructor Helping Truck Driving Student

Air Brakes CDL Practice Test Version 2

Use this CDL Practice test that focuses on air brakes questions to get ready for your commercial learners permit exam. Roehl offers multiple free practice CDL tests to help you get cdl training.
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certified cdl truck driver trainer training program graduates

Combination Vehicle CDL Practice Test Version 2

This CDL Practice test features combination vehicles questions to get you ready for your commercial learners permit exam. Roehl offers multiple free practice CDL tests to help you get cdl training.
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