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Roehl Transport Evolves Driver Compensation, Paying Drivers Even More Truck on the Road

Not all pay plans are created equally. Most companies are still paying a flat cents per mile.

At Roehl, you'll get our Dynamic Pay Plan that better compensates you for your time!
Plus, you'll get the best on-the-job training for new CDL graduates - that's why so many trucking schools suggest their students go to Roehl!

read about how you will take home more

Inexperienced Truck Driving Jobs

Are you just starting out in trucking?

First, congratulations on choosing the transportation industry!
Whether you have just graduated or are starting truck driving school, Roehl Transport is your first choice for the best on-the-job training and trucking driving career.
We've created resources to help people without experience just like you be successful, including commercial drivers license practice tests if you're getting ready to get your commercial learners permit.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know, as a new driver, student driver or inexperienced driver, is that you’ve made a good choice and that the company you’ve selected for training is rock-solid.
Our reputation as a safe, honest and professional company is just one of the reasons so many new drivers with zero experience start their career with Roehl.
You can count on our more than 60 years of success – over half of that time training new truck drivers – we’re growing and investing you.
Why Choose Roehl as your first job out of truck driving school?
A truck driving school prepares you to get your CDL.
We prepare you to be among the best professional truck drivers in the trucking industry through our Safety and Job Skills Training Program.
We take your career and our training seriously.
As a result, Roehl is one of the safest trucking companies in the nation.
That’s why we’ll enter into an agreement with you. We'll provide you the best training and support, monthly tuition reimbursement payments, and a longevity bonus all while you’re also earning one of the highest student driver pay rates.
For your part, you'll agree to be a professional driver with Roehl for about five or six months. 
We’ll pay you well, get you home on time and train you to be among the best drivers in the industry.

How much will I make?

Roehl drivers with at least one year of experience are making $1400+ a week. Be on your way to $70,000+!
We pay you a top starting mileage rate that's dynamic - based on the miles on the load you haul.
What about miles?
First, you should know that Roehl is one of the only trucking companies to pay address-to-address practical route mileage - 5-8% more than other companies AND those calculations better reflect the miles you'll drive on each load!
Your miles and pay are part of a regular discussion you will have with your fleet manager.
We are committed to work with you to set and meet your earnings goals.
Of course, we will assign you the work that gives you steady miles.

Gaining experience!
As you go from zero experience, to a drive with time behind the wheel, you’ll gain stamina, efficiency and control.
Stamina – when you first start out, you likely will not be able to drive as many miles in a day as an experienced pro.
Over time, you’ll gain stamina and that will mean more miles.
Efficiency – making the most of your available drive time each day means becoming an expert at navigation, getting in and out of a customer’s location and truck stops, completing paperwork (we make it easy with the MyRoehl smartphone app).
As you learn, you’ll develop ways to get more out of each day.
Choices – truck driving is both a career and a lifestyle.
You decide when to start and end your day, when you are available to drive, how long you drive each day.
Those choices impact how many miles you drive and how much you will make.
Premium Benefits.
Roehl offers a complete benefits package, including one of the top profit-sharing contributions among US trucking companies, to support drivers and their families.
In a truck driving job with Roehl, you’ll find our benefits both comprehensive and affordable.
Learn more about our benefits, from full health, dental, vision and the rest of the package, including our passenger program and pet passport program.


When will I get home?

You can expect consistent, dependable schedules.
With Roehl, you'll find options that meet your needs.
More than half of Roehl truck drivers are home every week, and even our national fleet drivers have flexible home time!
National Fleets. 11-14 days out and 3 days home. Stay out longer and go home for up to 7 days at a time.
Regional/Dedicated Fleets. Regional fleets offer 48 hours of weekly home time. We also have some dedicated fleets that feature weekly home time.
Home Daily & Local Driving Jobs. Our home daily & local drivers are home every day. Many of our local truck driving jobs are based out of our terminals.
We've also added hundreds of home daily driving jobs that may be available as you gain experience.
Talk to your recruiter to learn more about the available fleets in your area and for your experience level.
They will help you find a fleet that meets your needs!

What are my fleet options?

As one of the largest and most successful trucking companies in America, Roehl provides a broad range of services to a wide range of customers, including Dry Van, Flatbed & Specialized, Refrigerated, Dedicated and Curtainside.
Within these divisions, we have many great driving job opportunities.
Your division and fleet choice depend on your preferences and needs.
And, our size and scope means you can change fleets or even divisions as your situation changes.
Check out the available fleets in your area using our Zip Code truck driver job search.
Depending on where you live, we offer National/OTR, Regional, Dedicated and Home Daily or Local trucking jobs.
Unlike many trucking companies, when you join Roehl, you have a lot of options – choices in fleets, divisions and home time!

What kind of truck will I drive?

You'll get an expertly maintained truck with some of the latest in driver comforts.
And our equipment is among the newest on the road - our trucks are less than 2 years old.
Learn more about our equipment.

Having a life outside the truck.

You can have both a profitable career and a Life Outside The Truck™ with Roehl.
We track and monitor how successful we are at getting our drivers home so you know your home time is important to us.
Learn more about our Life Outside the Truck program.

We’re built on Values.

At Roehl, safety is our cornerstone value—the first and foremost consideration in everything we do, no matter what.
As a driver, you have the final say on whether it’s safe to drive – if you don’t feel safe, you don’t drive, no questions asked.
And that’s just the beginning. See more about our Wall of Values and how it sets us apart from other trucking companies on our about us page.  

What is Roehl’s on the job training program for recent CDL school graduates?

Roehl drivers are recognized as among the best on the road, throughout the industry and across the nation, and it starts with the best on-the-job training. 
Some trucking companies that train people with no expereince are more interested in the productivity of the truck over the success and safety of the driver. Not at Roehl.
No one can take you to the next step in your new driving career like Roehl.
Our Safety and Job Skills Training Program:
- Scores you access to the industry’s safest, most supportive training.
- Tuition reimbursement relieves you of financial burden.
- Three phases of paid on the job training:

Phase 1: On-boarding
$400 Hire Bonus
Four days
At one of our locations

Phase 2: On the road with a trainer
Typically 19 days
Daily pay rate while on the road

Phase 3: In your own truck
Typically 30-60 days
Pay is based on the fleet you’ve selected and the miles you drive.
Over 60 years on the road with a stable, successful company.
We’ve trained drivers for over 30 years, and have supported them for twice that.
You get the stability of a mature company with the growth opportunity of a start-up.
We’re not going anywhere, but we also never stand still.
We invest the time and energy to prepare you for your career.

Who qualifies for the Safety & Job Skills Training Program?

Roehl accepts students from many CDL truck driving schools, technical schools and community colleges.
We help you repay your tuition debts while you receive paid on-the-job training plus Safety and Job Skill advantages you won’t find anywhere else.
Anyone can teach you how to be a truck driver.
Few can show you how to build the safest, most successful career on 18 wheels.
Are you asking yourself, "How do I get my CDL?"
If you do not have your commercial driver's license (CDL), you can still get paid truck driver training.
In fact, in our Get Your CDL Program you can get paid while you get your CDL.
This program that helps people with zero experience in trucking actually get their CDLs, and get paid while they do it.
Our tuition-free on-the-job CDL training is different than what company sponsored truck driving schools offer.
In fact, many other trucking companies have copied our model - so do your research and read trucking company reviews!


Inexperienced Truck Driver Success Stories & Reviews

For over 30 years, Roehl's been the best place to start your truck driving career because our on-the-job truck driver training prepares you to be successful in your transportation career. You can watch testimonials from others who've achieved their professional and personal goals through Roehl Transport.

Mario L. shares his thoughts about Roehl's Safety and Job Skills Training Program


"Wow, honestly I'm more impressed every day.
First, I received a call from someone with Roehl asking how I liked the company so far.
Then, one of the trainers I had called me to check on me last week, and now over Facebook.
This is awesome. I received my cdl with a local school. However, the orientation was top notch hands down.
From the first day, I felt comfortable. Everyone was friendly and had a smile on their face.
Even the drivers coming in and out of the terminal were smiling and energetic.
The classroom instruction was very clear and thorough. The training out on the yard was straight forward and the instructors made sure we knew what to do.
The training out on the road was definitely a confidence builder. Overall, I enjoyed the training and was very confident even before starting my next phase.
I'm not trying to be nice, this is my honest opinion, the training program gets a 5 for a rating from me."

Mario L. gives Roehl's training a 5 star rating

Mario L., Professional CDL Truck Driver