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Pay, Benefits & More in the Get Your CDL Truck Driving Job

The support to go far.

Pay and benefits that make a difference in your life.


CDL Training Program & Benefits

Earning Potential.

We pay you while you are training to get your CDL and when you continue out on the road with a Certified Driver Trainer. Once you’re in your own truck, you’ll be paid solo mileage, and that depends on which fleet you’re in. As you gain experience and become better at your job, you’ll be more efficient and you’ll earn more.

Inexperienced drivers can make $70,000+. And you can earn more than that because we have one of the most innovative pay packages in the trucking industry.

While most trucking companies still use an old flat cents per mile (CPM) rate, we created the Your Choice Pay Plans™ to reward you for your performance, efficient driving and safety.
The Your Choice Pay Plans puts you in control of increasing your rate or getting a  quarterly performance bonus. That means you don’t have to wait on annual bonuses and annual pay increases, like at other trucking companies. Roehl is a certified Top Pay Carrier, and your mileage rate in our pay plans is just part of your income.
Exclusive Extras.
In addition to the pay plan CCJ Magazine dubbed “Innovative” and “A Better Way To Pay,” Roehl also covers a ton of extras that most trucking companies can’t touch. You’ll get paid for:
  • Intermediate Stops
  • Tarping and Untarping (flatbed)
  • Hand Load or Unload (95% of our van loads are no-touch)
  • Detention Time
  • Short Haul Pay (loads under 100 miles)
  • Layover Day
  • New York City and Long Island (less than 1% of our freight goes there)
  • Canada Pay (if you’re on a fleet that goes into Canada)
  • Placard Load Premium
  • Refrigerated Modular Unload
  • Secondary Load

Premium Benefits.

Roehl offers a complete benefits package, including one of the top profit-sharing contributions among US trucking companies, to support drivers and their families. In a truck driving job with Roehl, you’ll find our benefits both comprehensive and affordable.

 See a Detailed Description of our Benefits



Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Life InsuranceBasic & Supplemental

Short-Term Income Protection (STIP)

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

401(k) & Profit-sharing Contributions



Voluntary Benefits

Referral Program.

There’s no greater way to grow Roehl Transport than to have existing drivers recommend friends and family they believe in. Refer an experienced CDL driver to Roehl Transport and you can up your income by $1,500. We also have a referral program for recent truck driving school graduates and for those who want paid, on-the-job CDL training. There is no limit to the number of drivers you can refer, or the rewards you can collect, and you can easily submit them through the MyRoehl app.

Get experience and get home.

When you’re new to the industry, there is a trade-off between being on home time and making money. For most truck drivers, finding the right balance is important. We offer drivers starting out in the Get Your CDL Program National and Regional fleets. As you gain experience, more fleet options with consistent, dependable schedules open up.  Roehl offers some of the best home time in the industry, with HOMEtime PLUS fleets that give you up to 26 weeks off a year.

Talk to a Driver Employment Specialist to learn more about the available fleets in your area for your experience level.
National Fleets

11-14 days out and 3 days home. Stay out longer and go home for up to 7 days at a time.   

Home Weekly

Regional fleets offer weekly home time. We also have some dedicated fleets that feature weekly home time.

HOMEtime Plus™ 14/7

Get high miles and extended home time. Drive 14 days and enjoy 7 off.

HOMEtime Plus™ 7/4-7/3

Average 120 days off each year and get home every other week. Drive for 7 days with 4 days at home, followed by another 7 days with 3 days at home.

HOMEtime Plus™ 7/7

Get up to 26 weeks off a year, driving 7 days out with 7 days at home.

Home daily

Our local drivers are home every day, with most positions based out of our terminals.

The industry’s top safety program and record.

Safety is our cornerstone value—the first and foremost consideration in everything we do, no matter what. That's why we've gone beyond "off-the-shelf" defensive driving programs and developed the concept of "protective driving." As a Roehl driver, you will learn to actively protect yourselves and others.

The Roehl Way Protective Driving Program™ is the most advanced safe driving program in the industry and has resulted in a dramatic reduction in accident rates.
  • Drivers have final say on road conditions – if you don’t feel safe, you don’t drive, no questions asked.
  • We’ve won trucking’s top honor three times - the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) President’s Trophy Award.
  • Two-time consecutive winner of Truckload Carrier Association’s (TCA) Annual Fleet Safety Grand Prize.


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Take the best parts of home on the road.

Once you’ve gained six months of experience and success on the road, you’ll be eligible for two of our programs that let you bring loved ones with you.

Passenger Program: Our Passenger Program lets you share the journey with anyone that matters to you - spouse, child parent brother sister significant other or friend.

Pet Passport Program: For many of us, pets are an important part of our life. If you want to have your dog or cat with you in your truck, you can with Roehl’s Pet Passport Program.

Talk to a Driver Employment Specialist to learn more about the programs and to get answers to your specific questions.

Video: Get Your CDL Truck Driver Training: Logan T. - The opportunity is here!

Professional truck driver Logan T. shares the benefits he's received by getting his CDL through Roehl's Get Your CDL truck driving job.


Logan speaks about how he has earned enough to purchase a house, buy a car for his fiancee and getting married - and Logan credits hard work and the pay structure at Roehl (our performance-based pay plan that lets you chose to get a raise based on your performance).

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 Free CDL Practice Tests

Paid CDL Truck Driver Training Success Stories & Reviews

if you want to be a truck driver, there's no better program to join than Roehl's. The Get Your CDL job & truck driver training gets you ready to test for your Class A commercial drivers license just like at the best truck driving schools. And, because you're an employee on the first day, you're getting paid CDL instruction


Dale S. gives Roehl's Paid Truck Driver Training a 5 star rating

Dale S.

Professional CDL Truck Driver

Get Your CDL Training Program & Truck Driver Job Review by Dale S.


"When I first decided to pursue a driving career, I contacted  <company name removed> because they were doing a lot of advertising for drivers in this area. They made me an offer but some of what the recruiter was saying just didn't sound right to me so I declined the offer.

Prior to going with Roehl, I was delivering campers from Goshen, IN to dealerships throughout the northern Midwest and I saw a lot of Roehl trucks. They were all clean and appeared to be new and well maintained so I started to research Roehl on line. Our website (guess I can say that now :) ) is very good and I learned a lot about Roehl there. The attitude on safety and driver welfare impressed me, so I applied. I was contacted quickly by recruiting and developed a great relationship with Dakota <Get Your CDL Driver Employment Specialist>. He was excellent! He answered my questions & concerns directly and honestly. If he didn't know the answer, he said so and got back to me when he found out. Everything he told me then has turned out to be true and accurate. I also have to say after my first 4 weeks with Roehl, I feel very confident I made the right decision. The trainers were excellent! The impression I got from the website has been proven true by my experiences so far.

This has probably been much longer than you wanted and I apologize for that but that's my story. :) Thank you for your interest and support Amanda!! It means a great deal to me knowing I have you for support and assistance!!

Happy Monday & Take Care,
Dale S.