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Roehl’s Safety and Job Skills Truck Driver Job Training Program

Earning your CDL was the first step to becoming a professional driver. How well the trucking company you join trains you over the next few weeks will have an impact on your entire truck driving career. Our Safety and Job Skills Program (SJSTP) reflects over 25 years of successfully training new truck drivers to be successful in their trucking jobs. We are known for our outstanding training and resources that range from the things you need before you become a professional truck driver, like commercial drivers license practice tests, to continued training at Roehl Youniversity (our online learning portal). Know this: with Roehl, you'll be trained by a company built on values like Safety and Driver Success because our leader is also a driver.

What you’ll learn: the principles of success
Designed around easy-to-learn principles with lots of hands-on skill development, Roehl's Safety and Job Skills Training Program will teach you Department of Transportation (DOT) motor carrier rules, trip planning, freight handling and company policies.

The SJSTP is three phases long and takes place at one of our locations. Where you attend training depends on several factors; your Driver Employment Specialist will help plan where you attend. 

Phase 1: 
Phase 1 is an on-site vocational program designed to give new drivers who recently received their CDL, the knowledge and confidence to successfully become an over the road driver. You’ll travel to one of our training locations, where our professionally seasoned and knowledgeable instructors will teach you everything from close quarter maneuvering, logging, and map reading. Phase 1 is eight days. You’ll be paid $600 upon completion of Phase 1.

Phase 2: On the Road with a Certified Trainer
You will put the principles you learned in truck driving school to work as you go out over the road with the Certified Truck Driver Trainer. You will not be driving as a team – this is an important distinction as many carriers place inexperienced drivers with a trainer or other new driver to operate as a team – that’s meant to maximize the revenue generated by the truck, not on training you!

In Phase 2, your training is coordinated by a special Fleet Training Manager and your driver trainer. You’ll focus on refining your driving skills, maximizing fuel efficiency, trip planning, understanding how to use electronic on board log recording (EOBR) systems, learning how to handle freight and meet customer service expectations, and maintenance. Your trainer will be in the passenger seat while you drive and you’ll be in the passenger seat while your trainer drives.

This phase of training is performance-based. Most drivers are with a trainer for 19 days. You'll earn $90 per day when you are training with a trainer - that's paid truck driver training focusing on your success.

Upon completion of this phase, we'll verify your skills and issue you your first truck and work assignment, routing you in a homeward-bound direction.
Phase 3: Your own truck
You're on full mileage pay, on your own in your own truck, but you are not alone. You'll transition from your Fleet Training Manager to your own Fleet Manager and be well on your way to experiencing driver success yourself. Phase 3 typically lasts about a month.

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Roehl's on the job training provides prepares you for a career as a professional truck driver.