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Get Paid While You Get Your CDL


Make $60,000+ driving with Roehl Transport. We'll pay you while you get your Class A CDL in this truck driving job with Roehl Transport. This is even better than free CDL training because you're paid while you learn - you do not lose income like you would if you went to a truck driving school.


Here are the important things you need to know about the job:

  • Training to obtain your CDL is part of the job.
  • You are hired and paid as an employee on day 1.
  • You'll be paid $500 a week while you get your CDL.
  • The CDL training is four weeks and is available in multiple locations.
  • After you have your CDL, you'll continue your on-the-job training as a long haul truck driver.
  • If you were to go to a CDL school, you would not get paid while you are training, AND you'd have to come up with the tuition for the school.
  • We're a stable company that provides full benefits - we invest in you.

Video: Get Paid While You Get Your CDL

Are you making over $50,000 a year? You should be. Our Get Your CDL Program trains you, invests in you and prepares you to bring home over $50K a year. Learn more about Roehl's paid truck driver CDL training in this video.

 Making ends meet is no way to make a life. Become a professional truck driver with Roehl Transport, and we’ll pay you while you get your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). No experience, truck driving school tuition debt or second job required.

After nine months on the job, Roehl drivers are on-track to earn $50,000 + a year. 


How does it work? How do I get in?

Because the demand for this popular program is so strong, the first thing you'll want to do is read the Get Your CDL Step-by-Step instructions and then fill out our Get Started form. 

You will then move through a learning and application process, where we ensure that you have a good understanding of the program, the basic qualifications and the characteristics of a truck driving job with Roehl so you can complete a thoughtful and informed application.  

We’ll start with some basic questions to determine if you meet the qualifications for this job. Along the way, you’ll watch some informational videos that we produced to help you. 

This may be more than what you’re used to doing when applying for a job – we get that. Please understand that this is a big deal – you’re moving into the community of professional heavy duty truck drivers and all the great things that come from this career choice. 

Before you apply for the paid CDL training, please review the information on this page and the Steps to Getting Your CDL page. You can browse our content and Apply Now.

Common Questions About Our Paid CDL Training Program

Q. Is this program for real?
A. Yes. This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We created the Get Your CDL Program™ because we need truck drivers to move our customers' freight. Largely due to the massive retirements of the Baby Boomer generation, the demand for truck drivers in America will continue to increase dramatically over the next ten years, and that makes truck driving a very stable career choice. Our company sponsored cdl training program connects you with skills you can use to improve your professional and personal life and helps us continue to grow our business.

Q. What's the catch?
A. Because we spend a lot of money and invest heavily in you, we ask for your commitment in exchange for the value of our program. The value of the training is in effect a loan to you – a loan you’ll never have to pay back as long as you simply complete the training and work as a heavy duty truck driver for us for the 15 months after your training. We ask for your formalized agreement and you can be sure we’re promising to hold up our end of the deal as well. 

Q. Is this a truck driving school?
A. No. Our Get Your CDL program offers training as part of your job. If you were to go to a truck driving school, you would not be paid and you'd have come up with the tuition for the school. Our program is a job. We pay you while we train you to get your CDL. Then, we continue to pay you as you complete your on the job training as a professional truck driver. 

Q. Can I go to a truck driving school and still drive for Roehl?
A. Yes. While you would not be eligible for our Get Your CDL Program™, you can certainly attend a different cdl training program and then come to Roehl as an inexperienced truck driver. We have and continue to work with many truck driving schools, offering their cdl students our excellent on the job truck driver training

If you have additional questions, you may want to get answers using our Get Your CDL Program Frequently Asked Questions page. 

It's not a trucking driving school.

If you went to a CDL driving school, you would not get paid while you train, AND you’d have to come up with tuition. For many, our paid cdl training / truck driving job is their way to a better paying career and even the gateway to a middle class lifestyle. After nine months on the job, Roehl drivers are on-track to earn $50,000 + a year.


Earn more of a living. Make more of yourself.

Roehl Transport removes the obstacles that prevent you from bettering your life. Our paid CDL training is the fastest way to advance your career and go from zero experience to middle-class living. Join Roehl Transport, and you can earn $900-$1250 every week.

Drive with us for 120,000 miles (about 15 months) and you don’t owe us a single cent for your CDL training. We even put it writing, so you can absolutely hold us to it. We’re investing in you and expect a partnership with you. If you choose not to fulfill the agreement to work with us after training, you would be responsible for the full cost of the program.

Is truck driving for me?

When you commit to professional truck driving, you commit to:

Being away from home a week or more at a time. Roehl’s offers some of the best mix of work and home time schedules in the business, however you'll need to be prepared for being away from home.

Making a plan with loved ones. Cover your bases to make sure the right support is in place at home before you’re on the road. Discuss who will pay the bills, when you’ll talk to the kids and who you can turn to in case of emergency.

Managing more than driving. You’ll be planning routes, documenting trips, securing freight, interacting with customers, inspecting your vehicle and making routine adjustments as you go.

Your Life Outside the Truck.

You can have both a profitable career and a Life Outside The Truck™ with Roehl.

We get you home. Daily. Weekly. Every other week. Out for 14 days and home for 7. Roehl offers the industry’s best combinations of home time through a variety of national, regional and local fleets.
We look out for your family. Your loved ones can reach out to us at any time for questions about benefits, payroll or trip details during your absence. Your paycheck is always deposited directly, and you and your family can access statements and other important resources through the MyRoehl app, available for Android and Apple smartphones as well as TeamRoehl. To take advantage of Roehl’s paid CDL training, you need to:

  • Agree to drive 120,000 miles (about 15 months) after your training, and you’ll pay nothing for our investment. 
  • Reside in one of our many hiring locations.

As regulated by the Department of Transportation and other government agencies, truck drivers must meet certain requirements. You can see the Physical Requirements of the Job and watch our videos on that page to learn more.

Paid CDL Truck Driver Training Success Stories & Reviews

if you want to be a truck driver, there's no better program to join than Roehl's. The Get Your CDL job & truck driver training gets you ready to test for your Class A commercial drivers license just like at the best truck driving schools. And, because you're an employee on the first day, you're getting paid CDL instruction


Robert V. gives Roehl's Paid Truck Driver Training a 5 star rating

Robert V.

Professional CDL Truck Driver

Get Your CDL Training Program & Truck Driver Job Review by Robert V.


"Well my experience with the Roehl GYCDL program has been awesome!! The training is top notch... above and beyond what you would expect at other CDL programs!! 
I signed up for Roehl's GYCDL program and I will have to say it is top notch above and beyond excellent!! We stayed at a really nice hotel with continental breakfast. I earned my CDL on my first time testing out on the fourth week. Went home for a week and now out with my on the road trainer. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and just very knowledgeable!! Best place to get your CDL!!!"

Success Videos

Here's some recent feedback from some of our teammates that have been through Roehl's paid CDL training program

Testimonial Video: Anthony T. - Professional Truck Driver Training - Not a School

Anthony T., a professional truck driver in Roehl's Get Your CDL Program, talks about how Roehl's program is not a school. Anthony notes that, as soon as you start the training, you're an on-the-job employee. Anthony adds that the instructors are training you to become a professional truck driver for Roehl. Anthony also speaks about how important trucking is to the economy - it's a career choice that he's happy he's made.


Testimonial Video: Chris H. - CDL Training

In this video, you'll hear from Chris H. Chris enjoyed the CDL training more than he was expecting, and he noted that Roehl prepared him to be a safe, successful truck driver.


Testimonial Video: John H. - getting paid while learning

John H. explains his experience getting paid while learning to drive a truck through Roehl's Get Your CDL Program™. John talks about how much better he felt knowing he had a job from the first day with Roehl, and that also reinforces Roehl's commitment to helping our drivers be successful.


Testimonial Video: Ronald M. - Benefits

In this video, Ronald Metcalf details a number of the benefits he received by choosing to get his CDL training and truck driving job with Roehl Transport.


To see more driver success stories, please visit our Get Your CDL Testimonials page or read our reviews.


Ready to Start?

We've created a detailed list of instructions to help you understand the application and hiring process.

Additional CDL Training Resources

In addition to the Get Your CDL Program step-by-step instructions you can follow to apply for our job, we've also added CDL practice tests, instructions for how to get your commercial learning permit (CLP). an overview of our CDL training schedule plus great videos that explain the process and the work you'll do as a professional truck driver with Roehl and frequently asked questions!