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Join Roehl Transport & Get Paid While You Get Your CDL™ - That's Better Than Free CDL Training!

Are you interested in the trucking industry and want to apply for CDL training? Enrolling in the Roehl GET YOUR CDL™ driver training program means you’ll be learning from, and working with, some of the best drivers in the country, and you'll be paid while you do that!

We will pay you to GET YOUR CDL™ 

Why pay a trucking school to get truck driver training or go through a company sponsored program? Instead, join Roehl and get hired on the first day. Your job is to GET YOUR CDL!

Truck driving schools require to you pay for your CDL license, and don’t guarantee job placement. At Roehl – acceptance into the Roehl Get YOUR CDL™ training program means you’re hired! Roehl Transport started in 1962 with just one truck. Now, we’re one of the safest and most successful trucking companies in North America with over 3,000 employees, 2,250 tractor trailers, and 5,200 trailers. No matter what level of experience you have, we offer a wide range of innovative programs that pay our drivers based on performance, to trucking jobs that offer you the flexibility to choose a schedule that works best for you and your family. Our reputation and culture are built on values like Safety, Honesty, Driver Success, and Integrity. Over the years, we’ve earned hundreds of distinctions – from being the safest trucking company in America to being recognized as one of the best managed trucking companies. Making ends meet is no way for you to live. We understand your desire to provide a great life for your family. Unlike truck driving schools that require you to pay for your license, Roehl pays you. If you are an experienced trucker, a student driver who needs paid on-the-job training, or if you have no trucking experience but want your commercial drivers license to work in a stable and well-paid position at Roehl, don’t delay – apply today! 

Roehl’s GET YOUR CDL™ driver training program

We created the Get Your CDL™ Program at Roehl because we need truck drivers to move our customers’ freight from one location to another. Due to the high number of retirements from the Baby Boomer generation, the demand for truck drivers in America has increased and will continue to increase over the next ten years. That makes truck driving a secure career choice. Our "company-sponsored CDL Training Program" is  actually a job - so it's better than free CDL training and it connects you with skills you can use to improve your life – both professionally and personally. And it helps us to continue to grow our business. When you start the CDL Training Program, you become a full-time employee. That means instead of paying us for the three-week course, you’ll be paid while you GET YOUR CDL™. After the training program ends and you are officially licensed, continue your on-the-job training at Roehl as one of our truck drivers! If you are thinking about a CDL school, you ought to consider if that would require you to take out a loan to pay the course tuition, and still require you to job hunt after your licensing. Roehl provides guaranteed job security and a way to earn $70,000+. Check out our free How to Get Your CDL™ infographic to learn more!

Where is the paid CDL training located?

We train near our terminals and where we have customer needs. You can see our CDL training locations here. Some people ask why they have to pay to get to the training location. If you were to go to a CDL school, you'd have to provide your own transportation and you wouldn't get paid while you are learning. Other company sponsored trucking schools might provide transportation, but make sure to ask them what you'll make while training as well as after. Plus, we strongly suggest you ask about CDL pass rates. Many truck driving schools and CDL training programs will claim a high pass rate that typically includes three attempts at a getting a CDL. With Roehl, we train you to pass the CDL exam on your first time so that you can get out on the road with a Certified Trainer - that's Driver Success - a fundamental value of our company. Remember, Roehl was founded by a driver and our CEO Rick Roehl is still a driver.

The Standard CDL Process

Another common question we get is "Why do I have to study for and get my commercial learner's permit (CLP) on my own?" Sure, other trucking schools or training programs will bring you in for a week of training to take the CLP test. That's often forty hours that either you are paying for or you're not getting paid for, and they might even make you change your address to the location of the training to get your CLP. We've chosen a different path. If you want to be a successful truck driver, there is no better place than Roehl Transport. Please, do your research. We've created resources to help you study for and pass your CLP, and we'll invest in your success.

Obtaining a CDL license with most truck driving schools is expensive. These schools charge a flat fee that can range anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 for the entire program. In February 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) created the Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) mandate. The ELDT established a uniform national benchmark to ensure all new drivers have the same safety skills regardless of their licensed state, the truck driving school or CDL training program where they learned to drive. Roehl Transport is ELDT compliant (in this article, we address some frequently ask questions surrounding the topic of ELDT).

  1. Determining if you qualify for a CDL. Some requirements include a minimum age requirement and CDL physical requirements.
  2. Earning a CDL permit. This requires passing a series of written exams.
  3. Passing written CDL endorsement tests.
  4. Passing a CDL driving test in which you will be required to complete a 3-part exam. The exam includes a pre-trip inspection, a control skills test, and a driving test. 

Federal regulations require drivers of specific types of commercial vehicles to possess a commercial driver’s license within a certain class:
Class A – Required to operate any combination of vehicles including tractor-trailers, truck and trailer combinations, tractor-trailer buses, tanker vehicles, livestock carriers, flatbeds.
Class B – Required to operate vehicles such as straight truckers, large buses, segmented buses, box trucks, and dump trucks.
Class C – This license is meant to transport either at least 16 passengers (including yourself), or hazardous material as laid out by federal guidelines.
Why pay for trucking school when Roehl offers a way for you to earn your Class A CDL as part of your job?  Then, we continue to pay you as you complete your on the job training as a professional truck driver. 

What To Expect with Roehl’s Get Your CDL™ Driver Training Program

Phase One of Roehl’s CDL training program includes three weeks of training where you earn $616 when you work a full week. You’ll get your first paycheck at the end of your third week. You’ll be training in the same types of trucks and trailers that you’ll be driving. Training covers basic controls, vehicle inspections, speed management, turning, docking, hazard prevention, accident procedures, etc.

Phase Two is on-the-job training where you’ll go out with a Certified Driver Trainer and work with live freight. You’ll sleep in the truck at truck stops just like you would on the job. Your trainer will provide feedback and teach you as you go along. You'll earn $112 a day while out with a trainer. 

Phase Three is when you get your own truck and you’ll be paid a mileage rate based on the fleet you select. In this last phase, you’ll work with a fleet training manager that you’ll talk to by phone each day. This manager will help you master the finer points of the job. Your weekly pay will be determined by how many miles you drive that week, and you’ll receive your paycheck the week after you complete the work. You’ll be on your way to earning $70,000 or more!

To summarize, here’s what to expect when you join Roehl:

  • Training to obtain your CDL is part of the job.
  • You are hired and paid as an employee on Day 1.
  • You’ll be paid while you get your CDL™.
  • The CDL training is three weeks and is available in multiple locations.
  • After you have your CDL, you'll continue on the job training as a long haul truck driver.
  • We're a stable company that provides full benefits so you don’t have to worry about where your next paycheck is coming from. We invest in you!

Is This Program for Real?

Yes! Don’t believe us? Check out Roehl's ratings and reviews and read what our drivers have to say:

Paid CDL Truck Driver Training Success Stories & Reviews

if you want to be a truck driver, there's no better program to join than Roehl's. The GET YOUR CDL™ job & truck driver training gets you ready to test for your Class A commercial drivers license just like at the best truck driving schools. And, because you're an employee on the first day, you're getting paid CDL instruction.

GET YOUR CDL™ Training Program & Truck Driver Job Review by Robert V.


"Well my experience with the Roehl GYCDL program has been awesome!! The training is top notch... above and beyond what you would expect at other CDL programs!!
I signed up for Roehl's GYCDL program and I will have to say it is top notch above and beyond excellent!! We stayed at a really nice hotel with continental breakfast. I earned my CDL on my first time. Went home for a week and now out with my on the road trainer. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and just very knowledgeable!! Best place to get your CDL!!!"


To see driver success stories, like the ones listed below, please visit our Get Your CDL™ Testimonials page or read our reviews.

Anthony T., a professional truck driver in Roehl's Get Your CDL™ Program, talks about how Roehl's program is not a school. Anthony notes that, as soon as you start the training, you're an on-the-job employee. Anthony adds that the instructors are training you to become a professional truck driver for Roehl. Anthony also speaks about how important trucking is to the economy - it's a career choice that he's happy he's made.

Chris H. enjoyed the CDL training more than he was expecting, and he noted that Roehl prepared him to be a safe, successful truck driver.

John H. explains his experience getting paid while learning to drive a truck through Roehl's Get Your CDL™ Program. John talks about how much better he felt knowing he had a job from the first day with Roehl, and that also reinforces Roehl's commitment to helping our drivers be successful.



Roehl Agreement - What's the Catch?

Sometimes people ask about Roehl's agreement. So here's the deal. We ask for your commitment in exchange for the value of our program. The value of the training is in effect a loan to you – a loan you’ll never have to pay back if you simply complete the training and work as a heavy duty truck driver for 120,000 solo miles (about 15 months) after your training. We ask for your formalized agreement and we promise to hold up our end of the deal as well. We'll pay you to GET YOUR CDL™, provide you support and additional on the job training you need to be successful as a professional truck driver.

Get Your Spot in Roehl’s GET YOUR CDL™ Training Program Today

As you can imagine, the demand for this program is always high! Before you apply for the paid CDL training, set yourself up for success by reviewing the information on this page and the 6 Steps to Getting Your CDL page.

You will then move to a learning and application process, where we ensure you have a good understanding of the program, the basic qualifications, and the characteristics of a truck driving job with Roehl. This will allow you to complete a thoughtful and informed application.

Next, we’ll start with some basic questions to determine if you meet the qualifications for this job. Along the way, you’ll watch some informational videos that we have created to help you.&

We know that this is more in-depth process compared to a standard job application. Please understand that this is a big deal – you’re moving into the community of professional heavy-duty truck drivers and all the great things that come from this career choice.

Salary and Benefits as a Roehl Employee

Roehl Transport provides you with a sure path to success. Our paid CDL training is the fastest way to advance your career and go from zero experience to middle-class living. Join Roehl Transport, and you can earn $900-$1500 every week.
Roehl offers a complete benefits package, including one of the top profit-sharing contributions among US trucking companies to support drivers and their families. Benefits include Health insurance, Dental insurance, Vision insurance, Life insurance, 401(k) & profit sharing contributions, etc. As a Roehl employee, you’ll find our benefits both comprehensive and affordable.
Enjoy a profitable career and a Life Outside The Truck™ with Roehl. We get you home – daily, weekly, every other week. Out for 11-14 days and home for 3. Roehl offers the industry’s best combinations of home time through a variety of national, regional and local fleets.

We also look out for your family. Your loved ones can reach out to us at any time for questions about benefits, payroll, or trip details during your absence. Your paycheck is always deposited directly, and you and your family can access statements and other important resources through the MyRoehl app, available for Android and Apple smartphones as well as access our company website as a TeamRoehl member.

Take the best parts of home with you on the road! As an experienced truck driver, you become eligible for our Passenger Program that will allow you to take a passenger on the road with you after 30 days of employment. As a new driver or a member of the Get Your CDL™ Program, you can take a passenger six months after you complete Phase 2 of the Safety and Job Skills Training Program. You’ll get to share the journey with anyone that matters to you including a spouse, child, parent, brother, sister, significant other, or friend. You can even bring your pet through our Pet Passport Program. We understand that for a heavy-duty truck driver who spends time away from family and friends, a pet can be a welcomed companion. As a member of TeamRoehl, bring your spayed or neutered dog or cat in the truck. We’ve installed special waste receptacles and created pet run areas at our terminals – further supporting our commitment to driver success, and bringing a little bit of your home with you.

Our commitment to our values (like driver success and safety) makes us stand out amongst other trucking companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get about our CDL Training Program:

Is truck driving for me?
When you commit to professional truck driving, you commit to:

  • Being away from home a week or more at a time. Roehl offers some of the best mix of work and home time schedules in the business, however you'll need to be prepared for being away from home.

  • Making a plan with loved ones. Cover your bases to make sure the right support is in place at home before you’re on the road. Discuss who will pay the bills, when you’ll talk to the kids, and who your family can turn to in case of an emergency.

  • Managing more than driving. You’ll be planning routes, documenting trips, securing freight, interacting with customers, inspecting your vehicle and making routine adjustments as you go.

Is this a truck driving school?
No. The Roehl GET YOUR CDL™ program offers training as part of your job. If you were to go to a truck driving school, you would not be paid and you'd have come up with the tuition for the school. Our program is a job. We pay you while we train you to get your CDL™. Then, we continue to pay you as you complete your on the job training as a professional truck driver.

Can I go to a truck driving school and still drive for Roehl?
Yes. While you would not be eligible for our GET Paid While You Get Your CDL™ Program you can certainly attend a different cdl training program and then come to Roehl as an inexperienced truck driver. We have and continue to work with many truck driving schools, offering their cdl students our excellent on the job truck driver training.

Will you recommend a truck driving school?
Roehl is a proud member of the CVTA (Commercial Vehicle Training Association) and the NAPFTDS (the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools), and we work with many schools. We can help direct you to resources, truck driving schools and even offer pre-hire letters (which some schools may requires).

I’ve completed the online selection, education, and application process – now what happens?
The next step is for one of our Driver Employment Specialists to review and verify the information you provided. We’ll contact you when we’re ready to move forward so please watch out for our email or phone call from a 715 area code.

Where is the training located?
We provide training at or near main operations centers. Where you live plays a role in where our program is available and where you train. You can see a complete list of our training locations on our Get Your CDL™ Program Training Locations page.

What if the program is not available in my area?
Stay in touch with us via Roehl.Jobs or on social media as we may expand the program in areas that meet our customers’ expectations and business objectives.

Are there any up-front costs?
Before you begin the program, you will pay for a commercial learners permit (CLP). You’ll obtain your CLP directly from the state you live in. The costs for a CLP vary by state. Our Steps to Getting Your CLP page will help you connect with your state licensing office.


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