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Our Wall of Values

As each of us grows up we develop a sense of what’s important to us. These are our values.

Our values shape who we are and how we act. At Roehl Transport we’re growing and developing much like a person does. Our values have been shaped over the course of our more than six decades in the trucking business. Our values describe what’s important to us and how we intend to operate on a day-to-day basis.

Like the bricks and mortar of a solid building, our values provide the solid foundation that guides and supports our behaviors. When we say safety is our “cornerstone” value, it is reflected by our philosophy of protective driving. As the circumstances of the moment change, so do the priorities. Getting the groceries can usually wait until Saturday unless there’s a big storm coming this weekend. Then there’s the rush to the store for milk, bread and other essentials. Could you imagine if we treated safety that way—it can wait until the weekend unless something comes up to cause it to be done now? That’s no way to treat safety. It has to be important all the time.

Values are deeply held beliefs beyond compromise.

Values don’t change based on the circumstances of the moment. If honesty is one of your values, you don’t lie simply because it’s convenient. Values are enduring and guide our daily behaviors. We’re so very proud that Roehl drivers choose to treat safety as a value rather than a priority. By doing so, they recognize and behave in a way that shows that safety is important all the time and not simply a matter of convenience. Because they hold safety as a value, Roehl drivers don’t drive defensively, that is, trying to defend themselves from the motoring public. No, Roehl drivers drive protectively—that is anticipating, recognizing and adjusting to mistakes that others may make.

We realize that most motorists don’t share our values, experience or training, so we have a special responsibility to drive in a way that protects them— even from their own mistakes. Roehl drivers distinguish themselves because they drive to protect others—the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, relatives and friends whom we love and cherish so deeply.


Roehl drivers are known as the best on the road. That means not just their driving skills, but in the broad sense of the job, from the courtesy and professionalism with which they relate to customers and the public to their efficiency at solving problems and their commitment to Roehl's mission... "To deliver confidence and satisfaction by providing flawless transportation services."

It is essential that you trust the company you drive for. Roehl's commitment to earn that trust is somewhat distinctive. We play fair, honor our commitments and treat others with courtesy and consideration.

We're built on these values.
Safety - Our cornerstone value.

Driver Driven - Driving teammates lead the way.

Innovation - Inspiring excellence and seeking better solutions.

Unity in Diversity - Valuing our differences makes us stronger.

Delivering Success - Going beyond customer and teammate expectations.

Do the Right Thing - Acting with Respect, Integrity & Honesty

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