Roehl Transport, long recognized as a Top Pay Certified Carrier by the National Transportation Institute, has two pay programs to help experienced truck drivers earn in a way they’re most comfortable.
“At Roehl, we are constantly listening to driver feedback to make sure we’re responding and showing them how valued they are,” says Tim Norlin, Vice President of Driver Employment. “That’s why we have pay options so drivers can earn up to their potential.”
One option is the Premium Mileage Pay Plan. With this plan, experienced drivers can earn a quarterly raise based on performance and productivity. From a driver’s average base pay, additional points are earned for miles driven plus consistent on-time deliveries, fuel economy, no cargo claims, safe operations, etc. Those points are totaled each quarter to fall within one of 5 Premium Mileage pay levels. If a driver performs at a higher level than the performance level they were at, they move up.
“When performance improves, pay improves,” says Norlin. “If you achieve a higher pay level one quarter and then have a down quarter due to illness or other unexpected circumstance, your pay does not go down for that quarter. However, if you have a second down quarter your pay could go down. So for drivers considering this plan, we say ask yourself ‘How comfortable am I with how I perform?’ If you’re pretty certain of your consistently high performance, this is a great way to move that pay higher quickly.”
Option two, Roehl’s Performance Bonus Pay Plan, is for those drivers who would rather be certain their pay is always consistent. “With this option, drivers earn a flat cents-per-mile with a tenure-based raise however they are also eligible for performance-based bonuses using the same scoring as the Premium Mileage Pay Plan,” Norlin said. “There’s no risk of pay going down with this plan.”
Roehl offers professional drivers a variety of fleet and home time options including national, regional and dedicated positions with most drivers receiving weekly home time. For more information on professional truck driving jobs with Roehl Transport (including paid CDL truck driver training), use our truck driver jobs search tool.
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This page was last updated on 04/10/2019