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Getting Your CLP and or CDL in the State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, like other states, has specific steps you must take in order to obtain either your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) or Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Here Are The Steps And Requirements For Obtaining Your Pennsylvania CLP, Which Will Allow You To Begin Working Towards Your CDL

  1. What Are the Age Requirements for Either a CLP or CDL in Pennsylvania
    • You Must Be 18 Years of Age in Order to Drive A Commercial Truck in The State of Pennsylvania (intrastate), While Those Who Are Interested in Driving Out of State (interstate) Must Be 21 Years of Age
  2. What Are the License Requirements Before Obtaining Your CLP or CDL in Pennsylvania
    • You Must Hold a Valid State of Pennsylvania  Class D Driver’s License
      • Your Class D License Must Be In Good Standing, It Cannot Be Revoked Or Suspended And Must Be Valid The Entire Time You Hold A Commercial Permit
  3. How Do I Go About Studying for the State of Pennsylvania Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP)
    • We Recommend Using the CDL Manual Provided by FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)
  4. Are There Sections in the CDL Manual I Should Focus On?
    • Pay close attention to the following sections:
      • Introduction
      • Combination Vehicles
      • Air Brakes
      • Transporting Cargo Safely
      • Driving Safely
  5. Where Can I Find Practice Tests for CDL Studying?
  6. Where Can I Find the PA CLP Application?
    • State of Pennsylvania’s Commercial Learner’s Permit Application
      • You Will Need to Confirm Your Identity
      • Provide Proof Of Identity, One Proof Of Legal Presence, Two Proofs Of Pennsylvania Residency, And Proof Of Your Social Security Number
  7. Are There Medical Standards I Must Meet?

If you need help while you are doing research, you can call our Employment Advisors at 715-591-7050. 

Maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming a professional truck driver. Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job doing unrewarding work and not earning enough money.

How can you get out of your rut and on to that better career? You’ll have to get a commercial drivers license (CDL), and CDL school is costly. Once you have your license, you’ll need a job. Will the process take too much time and expense? It doesn’t have to!

Roehl Transport Will Pay You to Earn Your CDL

That’s right! And not only that, we’ll give you a job. If you’re accepted into our Get Your CDL program, you’re hired. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Go on the payroll immediately. Earn $616 a week while you work toward your CDL.
  • At one of our three training centers, develop the skills you need to earn your license, using the same vehicles you’ll soon drive over the road.
  • Once you have your CDL, continue your training on the job with one of our Certified Driver Trainers. Drive live long-distance runs delivering our customers’ freight.
  • Watch your career as a professional driver blossom. Roehl drivers are on track to earning $70,000+!
  • Receive an industry-class compensation package, including a choice of payment plans and an array of benefits such as medical, dental, vision, profit sharing and 401K.

Who Is Roehl Transport and Why Do We Offer This?

We’re one of America’s leading trucking companies. We’ve been in business since we started with a single truck in 1962, and we’ve been training truckers for over 30 years. Roehl is run by drivers. Our CEO, Rick Roehl, still delivers freight over the road to keep his hand on the industry’s pulse.

We’ve created this opportunity because we need drivers. Baby boomers are retiring and the opportunity for new operators is on the rise.

Is This a CDL School?

Yes and no. While there are lots of CDL schools out there, you have to come up with $3000-$7000 to pay their tuition. Some other transport companies will reimburse tuition but you’ll need to support yourself while you attend. Roehl is different. We pay you to attend what is essentially a CDL school.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Consider whether the job is right for you. Long distance driving is a great career but it’s not for everyone. You’ll be away from home a week and more at a time. Beside driving, you’re expected to manage your freight and deal properly with customers.
  • Check out what other drivers say and see that we really offer what we claim to.
  • Use our step by step guide to start your application.
  • Pass the written exam and receive your commercial learner’s permit (CPL),
  • Sign an agreement to stay with Roehl for 120,000 solo miles (about 15 months) after your training.

Why wait any longer? Apply with Roehl and put yourself on the career track you’ve always wanted.   

Roehl Has Several Locations in the State of Pennsylvania

Roehl Transport, Inc.

2950 State Road

Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020


Roehl Transport, Inc

6383 Brockbill Blvd.

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


Where Will I Take Part in CDL Training?

Roehl offers CDL training in multiple locations, typically located near our terminals.

Roehl Driver Training Locations (*Note: You Will Be Training at One of the Four Locations Listed Below)

Roehl Transport Marshfield Headquarters

1916 E. 29th Street

Marshfield, WI 54449

Roehl Transport Appleton Terminal

6915 County Rd BB

Neenah, WI 54956

Roehl Transport Atlanta Terminal

4215 Bowman Industrial Ct.

Conley, GA 30288

Roehl Transport Chicago Area Terminal

6700 W. 15th Ave.

Gary, IN 46406


Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles

Pennsylvania CDL Information - Apply For a CLP or CDL


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