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Trucking Company Roehl Reviews

There are so many reasons so many trucking professionals are members of #TeamRoehl. We've spent time asking our teammates to tell us about their experiences with Roehl, and we've collected some of them in the links below. We're also now collecting reviews that we can use on our site. Simply share your opinion and we might feature it on this site. Finally, you could also check out review websites like Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com. In fact, Roehl has one of the highest ratings among all US trucking companies (and certainly for our size carrier), so if you're searching for Roehl Transport Glassdoor, you should be able to find many additional reviews. 

Experienced Truck Driver Testimonials
Get Your CDL Paid Truck Driver Training Success Stories

Our reputation as one of nation’s safest trucking companies is earned through the experience and performance of TeamRoehl members.

Nick - 5 Stars
Roehl is a great place to work.

Lucas - 5 Stars
I feel very fortunate to work for a company that is built on values.

Mark - 5 Stars
The decision to work for Roehl has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Vern - 5 Stars
I can't express enough how amazing the training I had in Marshfield was. All of the different instructors I had while in the school where amazing and very helpful. If you had a question the would answer it or try their hardest to find an answer for you. Everything they teach you really prepares you for the open road. From day one you feel you are part of the Roehl family. On a scale of 1-5 I would say I had a 5 for training probably the best training you can get. I will highly recommend roehl's gycdl program to anyone who is looking to get in to the business.

Jose - 5 Stars
There is no other company that stands above Roehl. Roehl truly values drivers and all the people we, drivers, share the roadways with.

Jordan Gabe - 5 Stars
I've always felt my freight managers and support team at Roehl care about me, my life and family. There is absolutely no chance that I would work for any other company. There will always be people chasing rainbow trucking companies who promise a pot of gold and more money, what a joke. I'll stay with the sure thing, good insurance buy in, steady upward pay scale and folks that care about me having a good job, that's the Roehl difference.

David - 5 Stars
Roehl taught me there way of driving and doing the job the right way. Paid me to learn and put me in a good truck. When I came back they put me in a new Freightliner with the Auto shift. They have very good equipment and great maintenance. I picked a regional run close to home with pretty regular stops. I was able to get home when I needed to be and the different work schedules are great. I made good money and was paid quick and on time with no problems. In the end I chose not to drive over the road but I had a good experience with Roehl.

Rory - 5 Stars
Roehl Transport is a great company to work for especially for new and student drivers. Roehl has a training program that has to be one of the best in the industry and if you wish to join Roehl Transport there are lots of options to choose from and various home time options. Roehl Transport has an excellent support structure and fleet managers and maintenance support staff are friendly and attentive. There is always someone around to help you, Roehl Transport believes in Driver Success Not Driver Failiure. In addition Roehl Transport has excellent terminal facilities and terminals are always clean and comfortable. I had a fantastic 4 years with Roehl Transport, unfortunately I had to leave due to the health needs of my family, However I can say hand on heart that when I joined Roehl Transport I knew very little about the industry and after 4 years with the support and training I was given I developed into a safe, confidant driver, I became a driver trainer and was able to give back to Roehl some of the knowledge that had been passed down to me and I am pleased to say that I was able to produce some great driver's, one of which is also now a driver trainer.

Ray - 5 Stars
I just finished the get your CDL program. It is top notch with excellent instructors. Every expectation was revealed up front and nothing was withheld. I felt as though I was completely informed of everything. I would recommend this program to anyone. I am currently out with my trainer in week 3. He is top notch as well. I can't wait to test out and get my truck.

Eric - 5 Stars
I came to Roehl almost 4 yrs ago. Little under 2 yrs I became a trainer. I just want to do my part to make Roehl a safe and fun place to work. They've treated my family and myself well. Why look elsewhere?

James - 5 Stars
I have a learning disability where it takes me longer to learn and understand things but with the awesome instructors and staff, i passed my cdl on the first try

Mark - 5 Stars
I attended GYCDL training in Appleton, WI in February. The instructors are amazing and patient. In less than 6 months I am a dedicated driver for one of our large accounts and the paychecks just keep getting better. I am glad I chose Roehl because of the people. Everyone is friendly and helpful. It made the transition to trucking quite painless for me!

Brian - 5 Stars
Every person I have dealt with at Roehl has been very professional and a joy to talk to. I choose Roehl because they focus on safety, genuinely care for their employees, and give their employees respect. I have enjoyed working and talking to every person I have met at Roehl and am ready to work with you all.

Michael - 5 Stars
Roehl takes care of you. Roehl rented me a car to drive down for phase 1,and provided me with food and lodging.

Sefu - 5 Stars
I like the way they treat people...Roehl is good company...they have good opportunity...and I like the way treat driver's.

Andrew - 4 Stars
Equipment is good and you keep me busy

Kasheef - 5 Stars
My experience with Roehl was excellent and excited I have learned alot from all of the instructors and I want to appreciate them for taking their time to teach me about the trucking industry.

Paul - 5 Stars
So far everything I have experienced with Roehl has been positive. I feel that the training I received at Appleton was very good. Looking forward to continuing my training and my career.

michele - 5 Stars

Edin - 5 Stars
Amazing staff over at Appleton. Fox valley instructors were all helpful. And most of all, had the best experience I could ask for. If there was one thing I could change, it would be to experiment with their skid-pad.

eric - 5 Stars
The training and the people are amazing!!! Exceeded my expectations. Don and Deandre were the best!!! I would definitely recommend that what you tell people you follow through with when it comes to recruitment. I was told i had to provide transportation to gary, In and i would pick up my trainer from gary,in. That wasnt true i had to provide transportation back. If this is something o would have known about i woikd have waited due to money constraints. Then i had to use my rent money to purchase a plane ticket home. This isnt right!!!

John - 5 Stars
Excellent training staff

Anthony - 5 Stars
Training was awesome. Covered all aspects for our testing plus some Roehl policies to help us stay out of trouble.

Jimmy - 4 Stars
Some of your customer don't care about drivers time and I signed up for Midwest region not east cost

Mike - 5 Stars
Roehl is a good company. Yes, it could use some tweaking. But, we all could use a little of that! Great foundations are the stepping stone to growth. That sums up Roehl rather well!!! I look forward to a great future with this company.

Dan - 5 Stars
I have heard nothing but good things about Roehl an that it's a good place to work.

Noel - 5 Stars
I feel welcomed and very well taken care of by the company, the administrative and recruiting personnel, and my Fleet Managers Team.

DonFreA - 5 Stars
I'm there out of Conley, GA terminal. Mike is my FM and he's awesome. So is Gabriella and Robert Shreve!!!! Love those folks. I was trained on the road by Jimmy Webb and he's awesome. My CDL instructors were Eugene Harrell and David Ney. They were great too!!! I'm still happy here at Roehl.

Brian - 5 Stars
Great company to work with and great people to work with! If you want a company that keeps you safe and keeps you productive you can't go wrong starting here.

Jason - 5 Stars

Chris - 5 Stars
I went through the Get Your CDL program recently. I learned a lot during that time. The Roehl training staff did a wonderful job. I am looking forward to the next phase of training.

(name withheld for privacy reasons) - 5 Stars
Condsidering the short amount of time we are given to complete the program, I find it very well planned out. The instructors seem to have an intuitive grasp of how much guidance each student needs and who needs more and from which instructor(s).

Nicholas - 5 Stars
It's an excellent program! I was referred to Roehl by my brother. He was telling me about other companies he's worked for and out of the few he talked about Roehl and it piqued my interest. Four weeks is a time crunch but I came through knowing nothing about a truck to now being behind the wheel. I'm very satisfied with my success through the program. Can't wait to hit the road!

Leonard - 5 Stars
Thus far, while only being able to complete my CDL training portion with Roehl, it has become very evident that Roehl Transport is a great company to be a part of. From the focus on safety to the professionalism of the staff and on to hanfling of communications, it has been a pleasure to witness.

Amy - 5 Stars
Everything I've experienced since joining Roehl has been exactly what I was told it would be like, if not better. Everyone at this company that I've met has been very nice, helpful, and informative.

Dexter - 5 Stars
Since I've been with the company I've received nothing but the best training, which makes me we to continue working for the company and build a career.

Andrew - 5 Stars

Dale - 5 Stars
When I first decided to pursue a driving career, I contacted because they were doing a lot of advertising for drivers in this area. They made me an offer but some of what the recruiter was saying just didn't sound right to me so I declined the offer. Prior to going with Roehl, I was delivering campers from Goshen, IN to dealerships throughout the northern Midwest and I saw a lot of Roehl trucks. They were all clean and appeared to be new and well maintained so I started to research Roehl on line. Our website (guess I can say that now :) ) is very good and I learned a lot about Roehl there. The attitude on safety and driver welfare impressed me, so I applied. I was contacted quickly by recruiting and developed a great relationship with Dakota. He was excellent! He answered my questions & concerns directly and honestly. If he didn't know the answer, he said so and got back to me when he found out. Everything he told me then has turned out to be true and accurate. I also have to say after my first 4 weeks with Roehl, I feel very confident I made the right decision. The trainers were excellent! The impression I got from the website has been proven true by my experiences so far. This has probably been much longer than you wanted and I apologize for that but that's my story. :) Thank you for your interest and support Amanda!! It means a great deal to me knowing I have you for support and assistance!! Happy Monday & Take Care, Dale S.

Steve - 4 Stars
The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because so much didn't pertain to the dry van. Temps and air circulation come to mind. But the odors and cleanliness of the trailers did. Seal integrity comes to mind.

Eddie - 5 Stars
Good evening, hope all is well. So far, all has gone according to plan. The training program was great. My 19 days out with my trainer was really eye opening. Mostly because it's like a whole other world outside the safety of the campus I trained at. I feel as if I've come a long way through this journey which has actually just begun. It has been exciting and a true learning experience that continues to teach me everyday while on the road. I have nothing negative to say about Roehl. I believe Roehl has invested in me, treated me well, and has lived up to my expectations. I do hope that I am living up to theirs. As far as pay is concerned, I have no complaints. I almost grossed $1000 last week which is more than I thought I would earn so soon. I have a feeling it's going to get better. Home time is something my family and I cherish. Yes, I've been home on a regular basis and love it. I did mention to my FM that after school starts in September, I'd like to go out longer and she said it wouldn't be a problem. I must say, everyone I've met at Roehl seems as if they genuinely enjoy working here. On top of which I've been made to feel like an important team member which is nice. Any issues with my truck or trailer were handled promptly to keep me rolling. I think Roehl has given me the opportunity, tools and support so that I can be a success. Thank you

Dinah - 4 Stars
the vans are old and rusty, please lubricate fifth wheel hand latch, landing gear, tantum release bar, back door latches and wings near to be repair.

Anthony - 5 Stars

Billy - 5 Stars
I never been through a training program.Andy made it simple of understanding how the truck works he made sure i understood the key is to stay calm and be in control of the tractor.Personally i have learned number 1 is understanding functions of driving 2nd is operating a tractor its been a great class overall and im planning on making a career out of it and learning much as possible about the job

robert - 5 Stars
The training is the best.If you have any question they will give you the right answers..I never had a problem with Roehl they never did say anything that was not true they don't sucker you in.

Gerald - 5 Stars
So far everything has been great

Jonathan - 5 Stars
I joined Roehl team because the pay you while you training and getting your CDL. The benefits are great and the pet program, and up to date and well maintained equipment plus completive pay. Totally satisfied

wandile - 5 Stars
Because it does a great job for inexprience people like me,I have licence code 14 I don't have exprience

Jeff - 5 Stars

David - 5 Stars
Everyone I have come in contact with from Roehl has gone out of their way to ensure I am informed, understand expectations, and welcomed to the Roehl family. The more I learn about Roehl, the more satisfied I am with my decision to join Roehl.


Paid CDL Truck Driver Training Reviews


Vern S. gives Roehl's Paid Truck Driver Training a 5 star rating

Vern S.

Professional CDL Truck Driver

Get Your CDL Training Program & Truck Driver Job Review by Vern S.


"I can't express enough how amazing the training I had in Marshfield was. All of the different instructors I had... (were) amazing and very helpful.
If you had a question the would answer it or try their hardest to find an answer for you. Everything they teach you really prepares you for the open road. From day one you feel you are part of the Roehl family. On a scale of 1-5 I would say I had a 5 for training probably the best training you can get. I will highly recommend 
roehl's gycdl program to anyone who is looking to get in to the business."

Here's a small sample of the feedback we've received thus far. We're sharing the words from our drivers so you know that Roehl is for real.

"I was talking to a Roehl driver once, a few months ago, and I got around to asking him who he was driving for. The Roehl truck drivers that I’ve met all seemed really friendly and all seem happy in their jobs. I’ve talked to a few Roehl drivers in the last year or so. I did some research on trucker’s truth and on glassdoor. I visited a few websites and there were more pros than cons. Some of the other companies that I looked in to had so many bad reviews. I just couldn’t find a lot of these bad reviews when researching Roehl.”
- Curtis H., Experienced Professional CDL Driver

“I accepted a job with Roehl as a student out of driving school. I attended orientation at your Ellenwood terminal. I didn’t make it through the orientation process – I couldn’t shift well enough to pass the road test. That was over 2 years ago. Your instructor told me to get some experience and come back with experience. I never forgot about Roehl and I’m interested in doing flatbed with you too. I decided to re-apply because I thought Roehl would be the best for me.”
- Dewey N., Experienced Professional CDL Driver

“I’ve been driving truck since 1988 so I’ve seen your trucks on the road for quite a while. At my last company, I had no miles. And no miles means no money. And I stayed with this company for a year and a half. I really needed a company that is going to get me the miles so I can earn good money. I spent about a month doing online research at the library. I had a different job lined up in Alabama – this was a smaller company and I was worried. I was just worried that I wouldn’t get enough miles. I decided to go to Roehl because everything seemed upfront and the recruiter (Driver Employment Specialist) was able to answer all of my concerns and questions. I was impressed that it’s up to the driver to determine if the road conditions are safe or not for me to be driving. I liked that I’ll be home every week on this dedicated fleet too. So far, everything seems very orderly and organized at Roehl...my fleet manager treats me as a professional. Roehl seems like a high quality company.”
- Charles C. , Experienced Professional CDL Driver

“When I first got my CDL, I talked to one of the recruiters (Driver Employment Specialist) but I didn’t join Roehl as a student. I don’t remember why I didn’t join you at that time but I never forgot about Roehl. One of the reasons I came to Roehl is to become an O/O (Owner Operator Trucking Jobs & Lease Program). There are just a lot of home time options at Roehl too."
- Tyrone L. , Experienced Professional CDL Driver

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