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There are so many reasons so many trucking professionals are members of #TeamRoehl. We've spent time asking our teammates to tell us about their experiences with Roehl, and we've collected some of them in the links below. We're also now collecting reviews that we can use on our site. Simply share your opinion and we might feature it on this site. Finally, you could also check out review websites like Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com. In fact, Roehl has one of the highest ratings among all US trucking companies (and certainly for our size carrier), so if you're searching for Roehl Transport Glassdoor, you should be able to find many additional reviews. 

Experienced Truck Driver Testimonials
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Our reputation as one of nation’s safest trucking companies is earned through the experience and performance of TeamRoehl members.


Paid CDL Truck Driver Training Reviews


Vern S. gives Roehl's Paid Truck Driver Training a 5 star rating

Vern S.

Professional CDL Truck Driver

Get Your CDL Training Program & Truck Driver Job Review by Vern S.


"I can't express enough how amazing the training I had in Marshfield was. All of the different instructors I had... (were) amazing and very helpful.
If you had a question the would answer it or try their hardest to find an answer for you. Everything they teach you really prepares you for the open road. From day one you feel you are part of the Roehl family. On a scale of 1-5 I would say I had a 5 for training probably the best training you can get. I will highly recommend 
roehl's gycdl program to anyone who is looking to get in to the business."

Here's a small sample of the feedback we've received thus far. We're sharing the words from our drivers so you know that Roehl is for real.

"I was talking to a Roehl driver once, a few months ago, and I got around to asking him who he was driving for. The Roehl truck drivers that I’ve met all seemed really friendly and all seem happy in their jobs. I’ve talked to a few Roehl drivers in the last year or so. I did some research on trucker’s truth and on glassdoor. I visited a few websites and there were more pros than cons. Some of the other companies that I looked in to had so many bad reviews. I just couldn’t find a lot of these bad reviews when researching Roehl.”
- Curtis H., Experienced Professional CDL Driver

“I accepted a job with Roehl as a student out of driving school. I attended orientation at your Ellenwood terminal. I didn’t make it through the orientation process – I couldn’t shift well enough to pass the road test. That was over 2 years ago. Your instructor told me to get some experience and come back with experience. I never forgot about Roehl and I’m interested in doing flatbed with you too. I decided to re-apply because I thought Roehl would be the best for me.”
- Dewey N., Experienced Professional CDL Driver

“I’ve been driving truck since 1988 so I’ve seen your trucks on the road for quite a while. At my last company, I had no miles. And no miles means no money. And I stayed with this company for a year and a half. I really needed a company that is going to get me the miles so I can earn good money. I spent about a month doing online research at the library. I had a different job lined up in Alabama – this was a smaller company and I was worried. I was just worried that I wouldn’t get enough miles. I decided to go to Roehl because everything seemed upfront and the recruiter (Driver Employment Specialist) was able to answer all of my concerns and questions. I was impressed that it’s up to the driver to determine if the road conditions are safe or not for me to be driving. I liked that I’ll be home every week on this dedicated fleet too. So far, everything seems very orderly and organized at Roehl...my fleet manager treats me as a professional. Roehl seems like a high quality company.”
- Charles C. , Experienced Professional CDL Driver

“When I first got my CDL, I talked to one of the recruiters (Driver Employment Specialist) but I didn’t join Roehl as a student. I don’t remember why I didn’t join you at that time but I never forgot about Roehl. One of the reasons I came to Roehl is to become an O/O (Owner Operator Trucking Jobs & Lease Program). There are just a lot of home time options at Roehl too."
- Tyrone L. , Experienced Professional CDL Driver

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