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Roehl Featured in National Truckin' Magazine


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National Truckin' Magazine recently featured Roehl Transport in their March NTM issue. The issue coincides with the trucking industry's largest tradeshow - MATS (the Mid-America Trucking Show). Several of Roehl driving teammates shared their thoughts about Roehl's Dynamic Pay Plans™. You can read the full article or visit the magazine to learn more.

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Roehl’s Dynamic Pay Helps Drivers Take Home More

​How do you improve on an already best-in-class pay plan? You find ways to pay drivers more, and that’s exactly what Roehl Transport’s Dynamic Pay Plans™ do.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all flat cents per mile that pays drivers the same CPM for every load they haul, Roehl’s Dynamic Pay Plans™ better reward drivers for their time & performance. Because Roehl drivers earn Dynamic Pay™ that is based on the length of haul, they are paid a higher cents per mile for shorter loads. The result is that Roehl drivers take home more especially when compared to the trucking industry’s old, flat CPM pay plans most drivers are used to.

Jermaine Jones, who drives for Roehl’s Chicago Metro Van Fleet, noted that even if you don’t drive long routes, you can still make good money. “I made six figures last year,” he added.

The evolution in Roehl’s driver pay from a flat/static CPM model to a dynamic model that factors time into the mileage compensation rates also includes a performance component – something that is popular with Roehl drivers. The highest performing drivers get the greatest rewards, and the Dynamic Pay Plans™ offer quarterly performance bonuses, which encourages productivity.

For Francisco Padilla, a Roehl National Fleet Flatbed driver, the Dynamic Pay Plans™ offer more predictable pay. “Overall, I do like it more, especially in this freight environment,” Padilla shared.

The move to Dynamic Pay Plans™ reflects the Roehl’s long history as a top paying trucking company that is built on values, like Safety, Driver Success and Innovation.

“Roehl executives are not solely focused on saving money…they are focused on saving drivers. That means a lot to me,” observed Leland Matlick, a Roehl dedicated fleet driver.

CEO Rick Roehl has said he wants to find ways to pay drivers more, and Roehl’s Dynamic Pay Plans™ are another component in a long list that includes Accident-Free Pay, Address-to-Address Practical Route Mileage and Profit Sharing.

Roehl drivers earn accident-free pay as they drive – rather than waiting for a quarterly or annual bonus. In 2022, Roehl paid drivers $4 million in accident-free pay and nearly 92% of drivers who were eligible earned it.

Roehl’s enhanced practical route mileage calculations use the full pick-up and delivery addresses. As a result, these mileage calculations more accurately reflect the miles Roehl drivers have driven on each load. And Roehl has shared profits with teammates every year for over 40 years.

“You are in control of what you want to make…it’s up to you,” Jones summarized.

Roehl is one of North America’s safest and most successful trucking companies. With driving positions in OTR, regional, dedicated and home daily fleets, you can take home more with Roehl Transport’s Dynamic Pay Plans™.

You can learn more about Roehl's Dynamic Pay Plans™ by reading this blog post Roehl Transport Evolves Driver Compensation, Paying Drivers Even More.

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