Roehl Transport, one of North America’s safest trucking companies, paid driving teammates $4 million in safety incentives in 2022. Instead of having to wait to receive a quarterly or annual bonus, Roehl drivers earn additional cents per mile for each accident-free mile they drive, as they drive them.

CEO Rick Roehl noted that safety is Roehl Transport’s cornerstone value, and the company rewards driving teammates for their professionalism as they drive. “At Roehl, safety is synonymous with professionalism,” he said.

Roehl drivers earn accident-free pay when they do not have preventable accidents and complete all assigned training timely. Nearly 92% of Roehl drivers who were eligible for accident-free pay earned it in 2022.

In addition to accident-free pay, Roehl drivers enjoyed an innovative new pay package in 2022. Roehl’s sliding mileage pay scale better rewards drivers for their time, especially when compared with traditional (flat) cents per mile plans.

These innovations in driver pay that also include address-to-address practical route mileage calculations mean Roehl drivers are leaders in pay, productivity and safety. The company was awarded an unprecedented fourth President’s Award for safety from the American Trucking Associations (ATA). Roehl was the first truckload carrier to win the award and the only one to win it more than once.

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This page was last updated on 01/11/2023