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2023-03 March

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Steven, Roehl Driver

Why I Returned to Roehl videos


March 23, 2023

In these videos, you'll hear from drivers who left Roehl and who returned. 
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Rainna Simone

Roehl Employee's Daughter wins WCMA Scholarship


March 17, 2023

Rainna Simone, daughter of Roehl Employee, Amy Simone, wins Wisconsin Cheesemaker Association Scholarship.
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Roehl driver holding truck door

Pay Transparency Benefits Roehl Drivers


March 10, 2023

One of North America’s safest and most successful trucking companies, Roehl Transport is built on values – like Safety, Innovation, Doing the Right Thing and Delivering Success. So it’s no surprise that Roehl Transport truck drivers enjoy a leading pay package that includes innovations like address-to-address practical mileage calculations, accident-free pay, and Dynamic Pay Plans™ that go beyond the standard, flat cents per mile plans most trucking companies use. The result is that Roehl drivers are leaders in truck driver pay, and they know what they can make with the company because Roehl has pay transparency with that information on the company’s website and job postings.
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National Trucker Magazine clip

Roehl Featured in National Truckin' Magazine


March 8, 2023

National Truckin' Magazine recently featured Roehl Transport in their March issue. Several of our driving teammates shared their thoughts about Roehl's Dynamic Pay Plans™. Read the article.
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