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Pay Transparency Benefits Roehl Drivers


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One of North America’s safest and most successful trucking companies, Roehl Transport is built on values – like Safety, Innovation, Doing the Right Thing and Delivering Success. So it’s no surprise that Roehl Transport truck drivers enjoy a leading pay package that includes innovations like address-to-address practical mileage calculations, accident-free pay, and Dynamic Pay Plans™ that go beyond the standard, flat cents per mile plans most trucking companies use. The result is that Roehl drivers are leaders in truck driver pay, and they know what they can make with the company because Roehl has pay transparency with that information on the company’s website and job postings.

What Is Pay Transparency?

Pay transparency is the practice of posting salary information, such as wage minimums and maximums, in job postings. Pay transparency is becoming law in some states, with proponents claiming that it levels the playing field for jobseekers and narrows the pay gap for workers who are often under paid.

Women, for example, are traditionally paid 82 cents for every dollar paid to men . According to the National Women's Law Center , studies show that transparency helps shrink gender wage gaps and while improving benefits and working conditions for traditionally under-compensated groups.

Pay transparency also makes the recruiting process more efficient for employers and workers, by preventing workers from going through the recruiting process for positions they can't afford to accept. By sharing a pay range and posting it for positions, employers commit to fair pay for workers.

Roehl and Pay Transparency

Pay transparency for drivers has been important at Roehl for many years. Here's what you need to know:

Why Roehl Offers Pay Transparency

Roehl Transport believes in fair pay and equal opportunities no matter what a driver’s gender, race or creed. In fact, Roehl wants the best drivers to earn the most, and that’s one of the reasons the company has evolved truck driver pay with Dynamic Pay Plans™ that better reward drivers for their time and performance. That’s a selling point to drivers considering Roehl – candidates know what they stand to gain by choosing Roehl, and the company puts that in writing in offer letters, too.

What Pay Transparency Looks Like at Roehl

Pay ranges for fleets are made available on the company’s website. This range is based on average earnings for Roehl drivers with at least one year of experience with the company. Pay ranges are updated regularly to ensure that jobseekers have the most up-to-date information for the truck driving job or jobs that interest them.

Why Roehl Drivers are Leaders in Pay, Productivity & Safety

Roehl Transport has long been known as the Take Home More. Be Home More® carrier, and over the years the company has evolved driver pay plans to reward driving teammates, and ensure the highest performing drivers are the most rewarded.

Rick Roehl, Roehl Transport’s CEO, has shared that the company wants to find ways to pay drivers more, and the company has done just that. In 2020, Roehl enhanced their Practical Route Mileage calculations so that drivers are paid on the practical route mileage from starting address to ending address, and that means Roehl drivers are paid for more of the miles they actually drive (5-8% more when compared with the old HHG/Short Route that most carriers still use).

In 2021, Roehl Transport raised pay two times, including adding to accident-free pay which rewards Roehl drivers for their safe driving. Accident-free pay is paid to drivers as they log the miles, so they are not waiting for an annual bonus. In 2022, Roehl paid $4 million in accident-free pay, and nearly 92% of Roehl drivers who were eligible earned it.

Dynamic Pay Plans™

The Dynamic Pay Plans™ feature a higher rate per mile on shorter hauls because Roehl also considers the time involved, not just the miles driven. Roehl’s Dynamic Pay Plans™ also take into account a driver’s experience, tenure with Roehl, the type of freight the driver hauls and even where the driver lives. Roehl’s Dynamic Pay Plans™ were honored with a CCJ Innovator award in 2022.

Roehl Transport is the Take Home More, Be Home More Carrier®

Roehl is one of North America’s safest and most successful trucking companies. We’re built on values, and it is those values that have led to these driver pay innovations and to the transparent reporting of them. When you join Roehl, you get a company that shares your values, is growing and is investing in you. Whether you're just starting your trucking career or you're an experienced driver, Roehl has a place for you. Find out for yourself why Roehl is known as the Take Home More. Be Home More® carrier, and check out Roehl’s truck driving jobs with pay transparency near you today!

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