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10+ Reasons to Start, Continue and Finish Your Truck Driver Career with Roehl Transport

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Tim Norlin

10+ Reasons to Start, Continue and Finish Your Truck Driver Career with Roehl Transport
Roehl Transport is one of the safest and most successful trucking companies in North America. Our company is built on values, like Safety, Innovation and Delivering Success. It’s our Wall of Values, and the behaviors that they inspire, that have earned us the trust of our drivers and customers alike. For many, trucking is a lifestyle, and our commitment to Driver Success means we work every day to create an environment that ensures our drivers' needs are met both on the road and off.

As a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, Roehl Transport attracts some of the most skilled drivers and up-and-coming professionals eager to start their careers. With multiple divisions, fleets and home time options to room for advancement both in and outside of the truck to on-the-job training to competitive compensation packages and benefits for both new and experienced drivers, Roehl has something for everyone.

Roehl’s long been known as the Take Home More, Be Home More™ trucking company because Roehl drivers are leaders in pay and they have the best home time options in the trucking industry. Plus, our commitment to Driver Success, and our values of Safety and Innovation mean we’re built on values that matter to you, both now and in the future. So if you are asking “Is Roehl Transport a good trucking company,” here are 10+ reasons to start, continue and finish your truck driving career with Roehl Transport.  
1. Take Home More 
How drivers are paid can be confusing. While there are so many ways drivers can get paid, with variables like how miles driven are calculated, with extras and bonuses added on, it can be very challenging to compare different driving jobs. Plus, different fleets and home time play a role. Drivers with at least one year of Roehl experience are averaging $1,460 a week - that’s nearly $76,000, with top earning Roehl truck drivers making over $100,000 per year. When you join Roehl, you have a team of people supporting you and your professional and personal goals - that’s part of our commitment to Driver Success.
2. Be Home More
Roehl’s home time options lead the trucking industry. With Roehl, you don’t have to be out 3 weeks or more before you get home. In fact, more than half of Roehl drivers are home weekly. We are committed to creating more local/home daily driving jobs and home weekly regional and dedicated trucking jobs. For those drivers who want a more traditional over-the-road driving job, Roehl’s national fleets offer flexible home time - be home three days after driving 11 to 14 days, or stay out longer and stay home longer. For drivers who want a more even mix of work and home time, Roehl even offers 7 days of work followed by 7 days at home - that’s basically a part-time trucking job with great benefits, too!
3. Address-to-Address Practical Route Miles
One question many drivers fail to ask when considering a trucking company to work for is how that trucking company calculates miles. Just asking a recruiter or driver manager “How are my miles calculated?” will give you serious insight into how the company does business and how they will treat you. If they say Household Goods (HHG) / Short Route Miles, you’ll already know that the company is using an outdated model that will leave you with 5-8% fewer paid miles.

Companies that pay practical route miles are using a more modern method to calculate miles. Roehl has been paying practical route miles for nearly 20 years, and in January 2020, CEO Rick Roehl led our company to calculate practical route miles using the trip starting and ending addresses. As a result, address-to-address practical route mileage calculations more accurately reflect the miles Roehl drivers have driven on each load, and this reflects our values of Innovation. 
4. Dynamic Pay Plan
Are you being paid the same flat cents per mile on every load? Professional drivers know that shorter loads use up their available driving time, impacting their ability to make money. If you are being paid a flat cents per mile for the loads you haul, you can end up making less. 
With Roehl, drivers are paid using a dynamic pay plan. Roehl’s dynamic pay plan features rates per mile based on the length of haul with activity pay added in. The move from a static CPM on all miles to a dynamic pay plan based on length of haul also takes into account the value of a driver’s time and recognizes that drivers need to be compensated at a much higher rate per mile on shorter lengths of haul. It also takes geographic location and freight type into consideration. For example, some Roehl drivers will earn $1.64 per mile on a 50-mile load and then $0.70 on a 600-mile load. The result is that Roehl drivers are better compensated for their time, and this again supports our commitment to Driver Success and being the Take Home More trucking company!
5. Full Per Diem Reimbursement
Many trucking companies that offer a per diem program to truck drivers use a cents per mile plan. However, this method often doesn’t always provide the full benefit allowed by the IRS. With Roehl’s Per Diem Gold Program, Roehl truck drivers can maximize the per diem reimbursement benefits available to them!
6. Our Equipment 
Roehl measures our equipment downtime in minutes. The rest of the industry measures equipment issues in days. That simple statement summarizes what you’ll experience with our equipment. Our trucks are less than 2 years old, and they spec’d with the latest in driver comforts and safety enhancements. Plus, our trucks are expertly maintained, meaning you will experience less downtime, which of course means you will take home more.  And, if there is an issue, we get it fixed and fast. Our commitment to Driver Success is evident in how we meet our driving teammates’ practical needs, especially with our equipment. More information about our trucks and trailers is available in a Keeping It Roehl podcast episode featuring CEO Rick Roehl.
7. Comprehensive Benefits
Roehl offers a comprehensive benefits package to drivers including health insurance, multiple plans to choose from, a flexible spending account that allows drivers to pay health and dependent care with untaxed money, and dental, vision and life insurance. Benefits also include supplemental life insurance, Short-Term Income Protection (STIP), Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plans and more. 
Additionally, we provide our drivers with an employee assistance program that includes free, confidential counseling, paid time off with vacations and holidays, and 401k options, plus profit sharing!
Roehl’s benefit offerings support our commitment to Driver Success, especially meeting our driving teammates’ personal needs!
8. Our Leader is a Driver
CEO Rick Roehl is also a truck driver. Over time, he's performed nearly every job in the company from driver to fleet manager to working in our maintenance department. Rick grew up in the trucking business, and he still makes time to get behind the wheel to stay close to the work our drivers do for our customers. 
9. Career Opportunities
Roehl’s career opportunities are plentiful - both inside the truck and in other non-driving roles, especially ones that support our driving teammates.

Become a Certified Driver Trainer 
Certified Driver Trainers learn to teach drivers the skills they need to do their jobs productively and safely. They attend a professional Trainer Foundations course that reinforces safe driving techniques, coaching for success and more. Driver trainers have the opportunity to earn an additional $14-17k annually - including extra for on-going mentorship!

Become an Instructor
Instructors in Roehl’s on-the-job CDL training program help new drivers learn the skills they need to obtain their CDLs. Many of our instructors are former Certified Driver Trainers who have decided to come off the road to share their knowledge and teach according to the ELDT training requirements

Non-driving Jobs
As we continue to add new driving teammates and grow to serve our customers, we create new job opportunities at our locations across the US. From Operations openings, like fleet managers and customer service representatives to Maintenance positions, including entry-level diesel mechanic jobs and trailer technicians to Information Technology positions like software developer jobs and data engineers to positions in Finance, too. See all of our transportation non-driving jobs.
10. Unparalleled Support
“I missed the support I had at Roehl.” That’s one of the most common things we hear from drivers who’ve left Roehl and then come back to the company. At Roehl, you are not a truck number, not a driver code. You are a person, and your personal and practical needs matter. That’s why Roehl's fleet managers and planners help and support drivers while they're on the road. We regularly survey our driving teammates for what is working for them and what isn’t, and over 90% of our drivers reported they're satisfied with the support they receive from their fleet manager. And that it doesn’t stop there. Just like Safety, Driver Success is everyone’s responsibility at Roehl. 

Need additional support? Our My Roehl App, the official mobile app for Roehl truck drivers, provides load dispatch, route information and updates, two-way messaging, paperwork support and so much more. And, we continue to innovate and find more solutions to help our driving teammates maximize their time on the road. 
11. Roehl is Built on Values
From Driver Driven to Unity in Diversity to Innovation and Do the Right Thing, our success is built up on a strong foundation of values. Many trucking companies can claim to be the best trucking company to drive for; at Roehl, our values come off the wall and walk down the hall. The members of TeamRoehl are making a difference every day - both on the roads across North America and in each other’s lives as they mutually support each other and live our values
12. Safety is Our Cornerstone Value
Roehl Transport is one of the safest trucking companies because Safety is our Cornerstone Value. The Roehl Way of Protective Driving means Roehl drivers actively seek to protect others on the road using the Safe 7 driving techniques. Roehl drivers have the final call on whether it is safe to drive. And we don’t just say safety is important; we operationalize and incentivize the safe driving behaviors by rewarding our driving teammates with accident-free pay for every mile they drive. At Roehl, safety is synonymous with professionalism, and we’ve been in the ATA’s top three for safety results every year since 2003. 

But Wait, There’s So Much More!
From TeamRoehl Events to driver recognition to advanced training to community support and corporate responsibility, Roehl is leading the way in the transportation industry. And, we remain family owned, with terminal locations and drop yards across the US. We encourage you to connect with us to discuss the opportunities that exist and your future as a leader, too.


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