The Per Diem Gold Program

You might already know that Per Diem is a payment to an employee under an accountable expense reimbursement allowance, and that Per Diem is not extra pay; it’s a tax break on your own weekly gross pay. That means you pay less taxes because your gross pay is less. Many trucking companies that offer per diem use a cents per mile plan, but this method often doesn’t always provide the full benefit allowed by the IRS.

Roehl has partnered with a vendor to maximize the per diem benefits available to you! This partnership, and the technological innovation behind it, means that in virtually every case, Roehl drivers who qualify for per diem will take home more.

The Per Diem Gold Program is available to all Roehl company drivers, regardless of fleet, and it supports our commitment to Driver Success!
  Without Per Diem Gold With Per Diem Gold Notes
115,000 Miles at: $0.54 $0.54  
Gross Earnings $62,100 $62,100  
less Per Diem $0 $17,250 $69/day
Adjusted Earnings $62,100 $44,850  
Social Security & Medicate -$4,751 -$3,431 $1,320 less tax
Federal Income Taxes -$6,430 -$3,623 $2,808 less tax
State Income Tax (Wisconsin example) -$2,609 -$1,585 $1,024 less tax
Total Taxes -$13,789 -$8,638  
Per Diem Rate - 250 days at $69/day  
Total Reimbursements: $0 $17,250  

Net Take Home Pay




In this example, you can see that with the Per Diem Gold Program, the driver takes home $5,151 more, and at 115,000 miles, that is $0.04 more per mile!
The example above is for a person filing Single with no dependents and is for illustration purposes only. Individual tax commitments will vary by state, marital status, dependents, etc. Roehl provides this benefit through a vendor who manages the per diem program in compliance with IRS rules. Company drivers enrolled in the program and who qualify for the per diem reimbursement in a week will be charged $2 to help cover the administrative cost. There is no charge if you don’t qualify for per diem that week. As a company driver, you can simply opt in via the “Pay & Performance” section of the MyRoehl app.

The Per Diem Gold Program supports our values of Innovation and Driver Driven and helps you Take Home More!