Roehl's sliding mileage pay plans have gotten the attention of truckers seeking higher paying driving jobs and better compensation for their time as well as the trucking industry as CCJ magazine recently featured Roehl as one of their Innovators. Roehl drivers Take Home More as the company continues to evolve how truck drivers get paid

The article cites Tim Norlin, Roehl's VP of Driver Employment, as he highlights how “These enhanced pay plans, when combined with our address-to-address mileage calculations, 3-cent accident-free pay and performance bonuses, ensure that Roehl drivers receive some of the highest compensation in the industry."

Norlin also noted that the new sliding mileage pay scales maintain the popular elements of the Your Choice Pay Plan, which CCJ recognized as with their Innovator Award in 2014.

Innovations like address-to-address mileage pay, enhanced driver pay and accident-free pay are part of the company's values that also nclude Driver Driven and Safety. 

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CCJ Innovator Article about Roehl Transport
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This page was last updated on 10/13/2022