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Become a Certified Driver Trainer!

June 24, 2022

Become a Certified Driver Trainer! Teaser
Check out this new video, and please consider becoming a driver trainer! Our driver trainers are the best of the best in our company!
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Why I Got My CDL: Cliff P.

June 17, 2022

Why I Got My CDL: Cliff P. Teaser
Whether you've always wanted to be a truck driver or found the transportation industry through a more indirect route, Roehl Transport offers the most professional tuition free CDL training. For Cliff P., getting his CDL through Roehl opened a door to a whole new world!
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CCJ Innovators highlights Roehl's driver pay plan

June 13, 2022

CCJ Innovators highlights Roehl's driver pay plan Teaser
Roehl's sliding mileage pay plans have gotten the attention of truckers seeking higher paying driving jobs and better compensation for their time as well as the trucking industry as CCJ magazine recently featured Roehl as one of their Innovators. Roehl drivers Take Home More as the company continues to evolve how truck drivers get paid
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Getting Home with TeamRoehl

June 10, 2022

Getting Home with TeamRoehl Teaser
TeamRoehl driver, Kent D., was excited to share the recent birth of his first grandchild. He was very thankful for his job and the fact that he was able to get home when it mattered most.
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Tips for Success with Roehl Transport

June 07, 2022

Tips for Success with Roehl Transport Teaser
These tips for success with Roehl support our values of Driver Driven – our driving teammates lead the way – and our commitment to Driver Success – respecting our driving teammates’ time as well as meeting their practical and personal needs. Roehl is built on values, and those values have made Roehl a destination for professional truck drivers. Read on to learn more about Roehl!
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Record-Breaking Haul!

June 06, 2022

Record-Breaking Haul! Teaser
Roehl Transport was a part of history recently by hauling the stilts used in setting a world record during the Dairyfest Parade in Marshfield, WI.
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Tim Norlin on Sirius XM at R&R

June 03, 2022

Tim Norlin on Sirius XM at R&R Teaser
Tim Norlin, Roehl's Vice President of Driver Employment, recently joined KC Phillips on RoadDog Live during the Recruiting & Retention Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Tim talks to KC about winning the Transport Topics Recruiting Professional of the Year Award, home time for truck drivers, driver wages and how drivers get paid, home daily and home weekly driving jobs, and much more.
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Vote for TeamRoehl as a top company for women to work for!

June 01, 2022

Vote for TeamRoehl as a top company for women to work for!  Teaser
We have once again been named a finalist in the Top Companies For Women to Work for in Transportation.  
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