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Why I Got My CDL: Cliff P.

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Whether you've always wanted to be a truck driver or found the transportation industry through a more indirect route, Roehl Transport offers the most professional tuition-free CDL training. For Cliff P., getting his CDL through Roehl opened a door to a whole new world!

Cliff shared that he spent the last 30 years working in radio."I've been a Morning Show, Mid-Day, Afternoon Drive, Night and Overnight jock for Top 40, Country, Classic Rock and Active Rock formats," he said. "I was also the Production Director for the last 28 years of my radio career," he added.

In August of 2021, his career in radio ended. "I was told they didn't need my services any longer," he commented. "I took that to mean they didn't want to 'pay' for my services anymore."

As you can imagine, this was a major turning point for Cliff and his wife. "We had a good life going for us in Fort Wayne, IN, and I didn't want to have to make any drastic changes to our lifestyle."

Cliff wanted a job that would compensate him similar to, if not more, than he was making in the radio industry. "I ended up applying for 'delivery driving' positions, and I was offered positions just about everywhere I applied. However, nobody was paying. The best full time position I could find was only $17 per hour, and that just isn't enough."

So Cliff continued his job search, eventually finding ads offering pay for CDL training, something more and more trucking companies have gotten into in the last couple of years (Roehl's been training new truck drivers for over 30 years.)

"I looked into a few different trucking companies, and decided to give Roehl a go," he said. "Roehl seemed like a 'better' fit for me. I liked what the company stood for, Safety!" he added.

"I applied and was contacted by Kari (a Roehl Get Your CDL recruiter)," Cliff explained.

Cliff completed his on-the-job CDL training (getting paid while he got his CDL) and continued his over-the-road training with a Certified Driver Trainer, and he's now a Refrigerated National fleet truck driver for Roehl.

As Cliff summarized, "It's been an entirely different world since November 2021."

Roehl driver Cliff with Jeremy, his trainer
In this photo, Cliff is with his Certified Driver Trainer, Jeremy R. Read about Jeremy, who was featured in National Truckin' Magazine in September 2020.

Thank you for being a part of our great team, Cliff!

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