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Tips for Success with Roehl Transport

Experienced Driver

Eric Barber

These tips for success were shared by Eric Barber, Roehl Transport’s Director of Van Operations. Following these tips helps Roehl drivers Take Home More.

  1. Come out of the house on-time and be prepared to drive/work. Staying home after your earned home-time may result in less miles.
  2. Get your rest each day, it is very important that you sleep and are well rested so you can safely do your duties each day.
  3. Do a thorough pre-trip inspection each day before you drive to ensure your equipment is good to go with no defects.
  4. Log correctly. Even though we have electronic logs it is still up to you to log it correctly and as you do it.
  5. Do a thorough trip-plan so you know where you will get fuel and stop for the night.
  6. Get to the next stop as soon as you safely and legally can. The next stop may be the shipper or consignee; drive as far as you can each day and don’t leave hours out there not used, when possible, because you won’t be able to make that time up.
  7. If you are running early, communicate with your fleet manager so they can adjust your arrival times. We may be able to get you loaded/unloaded earlier and on to your next load or stop.
  8. Be on-time or early to your stops. Being late can contribute to being delayed at your stops which may cause lower miles for the day.
  9. If you run into delays, traffic, weather, etc., communicate that with your fleet manager. It’s OK. We understand things happen that may delay you being at your next stop on time, and we ask that you communicate as soon as it happens.
  10. When you are driving, concentrate on your driving and don’t be distracted by cell phone and other devices. This is another reason why it is important that you do a thorough trip-plan so you will know where you are going, and you can concentrate on driving and not being distracted.
  11. Be attentive while you are driving, follow the speed limits, fully stop at all stop signs and stop lights, do not follow too close.
  12. Learn and know how you are paid, follow the detention rules and procedures, write down in and out times on every bill of lading (BOL) and write seal in-tact on every BOL. Get a signature from the consignee; if they will not sign, that’s ok, notate refused to sign. You need to do all of these things so your earned pay is not interrupted and you are paid timely.

These tips for success with Roehl support our values of Driver Driven – our driving teammates lead the way – and our commitment to Driver Success – respecting our driving teammates’ time as well as meeting their practical and personal needs. Roehl is built on values, and those values have made Roehl a destination for professional truck drivers. In additional to traditional over-the-road driving jobs, Roehl offers hundreds of local, home daily, home weekly and dedicated truck driving jobs across the company’s dry van, refrigerated, flatbed and curtainside divisions.

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