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Reasons You Should Consider Becoming A Truck Driver

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Reasons You Should Consider Becoming A Truck Driver

When you are considering a career as a truck driver, some aspects might catch your eye more than others. For one, truck driver pay is hitting an all-time high and new driver have an opportunity to earn, even while training. For example, during Roehl’s Get Your CDL Training Program, trainees earn $500 per week. After completing the GYCDL Program, you will move on to Phase 2, which continues your on the job training, training in which you will also be paid for. During Phase 3, you will receive your own truck and immediately begin earning the mileage rate based on the fleet you selected.

In addition to pay, check out these other reasons why you want to consider becoming a truck driver, especially with Roehl Transport, Inc.:

Trucking Job Security

Along earning a great living, you will also have excellent job security if you choose a trucking career. Driver shortages reached over 60,00 last year, according to Transport Topics. That means there are plenty of empty seats to go around—in every city, state, and region from the Northeast to the Pacific Northwest. 

There are tens of thousands of truck driving jobs for all experience levels. From entry level truck driving jobs for student truck drivers and military veterans to experienced truck driving professionals, there are plenty of opportunities.

Truck Driver Retirement Options

Many of the top trucking companies are offering full retirement plans and this is certainly the case with Roehl. With a 401k plan and profit sharing at Roehl, for example, you are able to save money for your retirement in a couple of highly profitable ways. Learn more about this amazing benefit here: Retirement Plans401(k) & Profit Sharing

Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance for Truck Drivers

Here at Roehl, we offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and life insurance. For a complete rundown of employee benefits offered by Roehl, see our Employee Benefits Overview page.

Work-Life Balance in Trucking

Truck drivers have been striving to achieve a healthy work-life balance for decades and with Roehl, this is a reality. Today, thanks to technology, truck drivers can be in greater control of their downtime when out on the road.

You can video chat with family members and keep track of bills with your spouse using financial planning apps. You can also use truck driving apps to find parking spaces suitable for your truck, showers, truck stops, and weigh stations. Even when taking OTR trucking jobs that keep you away from home for an extended period of time, you still have the comforts and capabilities to balance your life in your cab. This helps you maintain that health and wellness that comes along with a healthy work-life balance.

Consider Roehl

If you want to work for a trucking company that offers all of the aforementioned benefits, consider Roehl.  We are currently hiring inexperienced student drivers, as well as experienced qualified drivers for trucking jobs.

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