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Honor Program FAQs

Who qualifies for the Roehl Honor Program?

United States military veterans and current members of the reserve or national guard may request participation in the Roehl Honor Program. Persons wishing to participate will provide a DD-214 with proof of an honorable discharge characterization.

Is the program open to all MOSs and NECs?

Yes. Prior transportation experience is not required.

Am I required to sign any contracts to participate in the apprenticeship program?

No, you are not required to sign a contract to be in the apprenticeship program.

What do I get if I complete the apprenticeship program?

In addition to the advanced training, you will receive credentials from the Department of Labor as a Heavy Truck Driver.

Is there any waiting period to collect my GI Bill monies?

No. Unlike many companies, Roehl processes your paperwork and starts you in the program on your orientation date. 

Are there any special Driver’s License requirements?

Yes. To drive tractor/trailer units, you will need a Class A Commercial Driver’s License. 

Is CDL training available, and what is the cost?

Yes. Depending on where you will live, Roehl can provide CDL training. You can get paid while you get your CDL in our Get Your CDL Program.

If I drove truck in the military, do I need to get CDL training?

Many states offer a Military Commercial Driver's License Skills Testing Waiver. A Roehl Honor Program Specialist can help you determine your options.

Where will I get to go for CDL training?

We provide paid CDL training at several locations (and more are being added). Visit the Get Your CDL locations page to learn more.

Is this a US military apprenticeship program?

The Roehl Honor Program and two-year apprenticeship are not affliliated with the any military branch of service. The program is similar to a military apprenticeship program in that, upon completion, you'll receive a certificate (from the US Deptartment of Labor) as a Heavy Duty Truck Driver.

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