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CDL Permit Study Tips & Preparing for Your CLP Test and CDL Training

Get Your CDL


Studying for Your CLP & CDL Tests

Getting CDL training starts with first obtaining a CLP or commercial learners permit, and Roehl has many resources you can use to prepare. From state-specific instructions to free CDL practice tests, Roehl's been helping and training new CDL truck drivers for over 30 years. Getting your CLP may require studying the CDL manual, and you can use this list of study tips to help you be successful!

  • We recommend you start using our Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) Instructions
    • On that page, you will find your state-specific instructions, links to your local licensing office and other practical information (including CDL permit fees charged by states).
    • When you obtain the CDL Manual (either from your state or from the FMCSA), make sure to review these sections:
      • Section 1: Introduction
      • Section 2: Driving Safely
      • Section 3: Transporting Cargo Safely
      • Section 5: Air Brakes
      • Section 6: Combination Vehicles
      • Remember, there might be specific material you'll need for your state, so make sure you're reviewing that as well!

Roehl has videos you can play to help you check your knowledge.

Video: General Knowledge CDL Practice Test


Video: Air Brakes CDL Practice Test


Video: Combination Vehicle CDL Practice Test


Use Roehl's Free Practice CDL Tests to study, too. 

If you like our free CDL practice tests, please consider leaving us a rating or review!

General Test Preperation and Tips

Some people have found these test-taking tips and tricks to be helpful when prepping for exams. The common expression "your mileage may vary" is approopraite here, and in general, do what works for you!
  • Exercise or meditate prior to studying, which can increase alertness and cognitive function
  • Make a study area
    • Have background music or white noise
    • Eliminate distractions. For example, shut-off ringers and cell phone alerts.
  • Eat brain smart
    • Make a Charcuterie board of sorts
    • Lean meats, grapes, apples, nuts and dark chocolate
  • Develop a study schedule
    • Limit 1 hour of studying per day
    • Study prior to going to bed
    • Section smaller pieces
    • Highlight details, Read, Recite and Review
    • Use old school habits
      • Pen and Paper
      • Outline
    • Quiz Free Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Practice Tests (
    • Study for understanding, not just to pass the quiz
      • You need to know this information during the Get Your CDL program. 
  • Rest and take breaks
    • Pace yourself

Roehl Transport is one of North America's safest trucking companies, and Roehl offers additional tips and ideas for What and How to Study for the CDL Permit Test/Exam. For more information on our paid CDL training and so much more, call 715-591-7050 or apply online.

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