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CDL School: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Get Your CDL


We sit down with Tim Norlin, Transport Topics Recruiting Professional of the Year, and asked him some questions about obtaining a CDL.

Watch the CDL school video here or read on for the questions and answers:

Question: Can I get a CDL without going to school or do I have to go to CDL school to get my CDL?

Answer: One of the pitfalls of getting your commercial driver's license on your own is most large trucking companies - most trucking companies, will be unable to hire you because you did not attend an accredited or a certified driver training program. Their insurance company may not allow them to hire you because you didn't have the structured training. By going through a structured training program, you're going to learn a lot just from the instructors that you're dealing with. They are going to share their practical experience as a commercial driver with you, that will give you better skills and make you a better driver.

Question: How long is truck driving school? And how much does CDL truck driving school cost?

Answer: CDL training schools are typically around 160 to 200 hours at 40 hours a week, that's a four to five-week program, and you're going to be paying tuition for that. You could pay anywhere from $3000 to $7,000 - maybe even $10,000. Roehl hires recent CDL school graduates.

Question: Do you get paid for CDL training?

Answer: At Roehl, you're paid to get your CDL and become a professional truck driver. In return for that instruction, we simply ask you to work for us for a specific period of time or for a number of miles. Truck driving is one of the few industries where it's very rare to see layoffs and if there are layoffs, there are other companies waiting, waiting to scoop you up and bring you on board. Everything we use every day moves by truck. We need truck drivers to keep the supply chains moving. If you wanna be a local driver and stay right in your local community, you certainly can do that. If you wanna be a regional driver and just work a certain area of the country, you can do that. If you want to broaden your horizons and run from coast to coast, there's always a need for truck drivers to do that. If you wanna run a refrigerated trailer, hauling food and produce to consumer products in a dry van trailer that doesn't require temperature control to running flatbed and hauling machinery and construction equipment. If you decide you wanna pursue a career as a professional truck driver, do your research, understand what you're getting into, choose the option best for you, then make the commitment, get that CDL and launch yourself into a new career, a new and rewarding career.

Question: How do I find CDL training near me?

Answer: Search the internet. If there's anything near you, you'll see it in the results. You'll also want to consider the quality as well as the cost, that goes along with that training. I hope this video helps you. If you want to help move America - there is no better career than a professional truck driver.




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