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Family Ties at Roehl



Roehl Transport is a family owned business, and that sentiment is often shared by teammates across the company. Even though Roehl Transport is one of North America’s largest and safest trucking companies, the atmosphere, people say, it feels like family. Roehl’s built on a solid foundation of values, and it’s also reflected in our company history.

Everett Roehl started Roehl Transport in 1962 with a single truck, and the Roehl family is still actively managing the company. CEO Rick Roehl grew up in the business and he still maintains his CDL and hauls loads to stay close to the work our driving teammates do to service our customers. Rick’s daughter, Hailey, is also working for the company in our marketing department., and in honor of Father’s Day, here are a couple of other stories about some other Roehl teammates.

Tim T. joined TeamRoehl in 2012, and he quickly accelerated his earnings through Roehl’s performance-based pay plan. That was partly the reason he recommended his son, Logan, consider Roehl. Tim recognized that Logan would need to start with a company that would train him, and he saw that, if Logan worked like he did, he could maximize his own earnings. “Most trucking companies have an annual pay raise based on how long you’ve been there,” Tim said. “With Roehl, a young person who works hard can have the same pay as a two-million-mile driver,” he added.

Tim & Logan met up on the road
Tim & Logan met up on the road

With Roehl, you can raise your pay every quarter up to our top rate or get a quarterly bonus based on your performance. Tim, who is also a Certified Driver Trainer, recently purchased his own truck and is now an owner operator partnering with Roehl. He purchased a two-bunk truck so he could continue training and helping new drivers, just like he did with his son.

Logan joined TeamRoehl in 2017 through Roehl’s Get Your CDL Program – where he was paid while he learned the skills he needed to test for his commercial driver’s license. “I joined Roehl because of how they treated my dad as an employee. I didn't know about driving a truck at first, but being a young adult dating the woman who would be my wife I decided I'd learn to drive,” Logan noted (watch a video featuring Logan). 

Following his father’s example, Logan also became a trainer. “When I got here, it drastically changed how I saw driving, and driving behavior,” he added.

Tim also shared that both he and Logan had the same Fleet Manager for a time. “Becky M. is the best boss I’ve ever had,” he said. While Logan has since moved to a role as an Instructor, where he is teaching new truck drivers how to be safe, successful professionals who Drive the Roehl Way to Protect Others, he said some things have not changed. “To this day, I don't care for the big shiny chromed-out Peterbilt. It's not about trucks. It's about work that matters for a company I matter to,” he said.

Logan T. got his CDL through Roehl, became a trainer and he's now a Roehl Instructor
Logan T. got his CDL through Roehl, became a trainer and he's now a Roehl Instructor

“Roehl’s a trucking company, and all trucking companies have trucking company problems. Roehl’s been first-class the entire time I’ve been here,” Tim concluded.

That’s a statement that’s echoed by another pair of Roehl teammates. Frank L. and Frank L. Jr. both obtained their CDLs through Roehl. “The main thing is, we have no complaints,” said Frank.

Frank and Frank Jr. got their CDLs through Roehl
Frank and Frank Jr. got their CDLs through Roehl

It was actually Frank Jr. that came to Roehl first, remembered the elder Frank. Frank Jr. joined TeamRoehl in 2012. “He said it was pretty good. He started in the Flatbed Division, and I rode along and helped him with a tarp. After that, I told him ‘I don’t think flatbed is for me, it feels too much like work,’” Frank said with a laugh. Frank joined the company in 2013 after which the father and son duo began driving as a team. “We thought it would be a good way to stay connected, while working for the same company. Rather than meeting up on the road or at a terminal,” said Frank, who drives during the day. Frank Jr. drives through the night.

In 2016, both Franks became owner operators and partnered with Roehl. And they are still teaming  together. Of their operation Frank says, “I tell him all the things I see while driving during the day, and he tells me ‘It doesn’t matter where I drive, the road looks the same.’”

“We’re really happy with Roehl,” Frank concluded.

For both sets of fathers and sons, family is important. Tim noted that after his next work trip is completed, he and his wife are flying to visit Logan and his family, including their new grandchild. And the Franks are on vacation this weekend with the rest of their family, enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of the American southwest.

At Roehl, our values define our behaviors, and these stories exemplify our value of Driver Success – helping driving teammates meet their personal and professional needs.

To learn more about Roehl’s values, visit our Wall of Values page. To learn more about paid, on-the-job truck driver training, use our step-by-step guide. If you’re an experienced driver who wants to join a team of leaders, connect with us by filling out our form for a personalized quote (with pay and hometime) based on your experience and where you live.

Happy Father’s Day!


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