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Truck Driving Jobs for Military Veterans



Trucking Jobs After Serving in the Military

As someone searching for a career after the military and a job suitable for veterans, you’ve come to the right place. Roehl Transport has long been regarded as a great place for former military members to work, and the company has even been recognized as a Military Friendly Employer by the publishers of GI Jobs magazine (every year since 2014). So, whether you are about to or currently transitioning out of the armed services or you’re looking for a place that will recognize your previous service, Roehl Transport should be one your short list. With special programs for military veteran like the Roehl Honor Program and a two-year apprenticeship program, Roehl is a top veteran-friendly fleet. To get started with Roehl, read on.

How to Get Started with Military Friendly Trucking Jobs at Roehl

For a military veteran with experience, you can easily transition to a commercial truck driving career. The first step is to get a commercial truck driver’s license (CDL). With a Class A CDL, you can be a leader in an over-the-road truck driving job at Roehl. In fact, as a military driver with previous heavy truck and motor vehicle operator experience, you can bypass part of the CDL exam through the Military Skills Test Waiver.
Speaking of experience, how do you know if your military work history is eligible? As an experienced military veteran truck driver, you will have a military classification such as:
  • MOS 3531 Motor Vehicle Operator
  • 88M Motor Transport Operator or 88M truck driver
  • AFSC 2T131 Vehicle Operations
In addition, you may also have experience either driving a 5th wheel, pintle hook truck tractor, or any single vehicle hauling over 26,001 pounds gross combination vehicle weight. If this is the case, you may qualify (don’t worry if you don’t have any experience - Roehl’s got options for you, too).

Military Skills Test Waiver and Practice CDL Tests

No matter where you are in your post-military career, Roehl is the next step in your professional truck driver journey. We can help you fill out the Military Skills Test Waiver Application (that’s required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and allows you to skip the road skills test on the CDL exam). That means you only have to take the written exam, which you can prepare for by studying our free practice CDL tests online.
The Military Skills Test Waiver is available in every state. To qualify you must be a military veteran with two years of heavy military vehicle operating experience. Once you have applied and your waiver has been granted, it’s time to start your truck driver training with Roehl. 

No Experience Military Veteran Truck Driver Training

What if you don’t have driving experience but you are a military veteran? As a military driver with no experience, you can still take advantage of the great programs Roehl offers, including paid on the job CDL training (that’s even better than free because you’re hired on the first day and are paid a wage while you get your CDL). Get your CDL with Roehl - in just three weeks while making $616 when you work a week. That way every veteran is eligible to drive—with or without military driving experience. Roehl has truck driver training in multiple locations and we get applications from across the country.

Apprenticeship Training for Military Veterans

Once you apply and are accepted to Roehl’s Paid CDL training program, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of your GI Bill benefits, if applicable. The two-year apprenticeship is approved by both the Departments of Veterans Affairs and it is backed by the US Department of Labor. Our program ensures you are able to transition into the commercial trucking industry. 

About Roehl’s Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program includes two years of behind the wheel, over the road truck driver training. This is a five-phase program in which you progress through these segments of the program:
  1. New driver orientation
  2. Behind the wheel training with a driver trainer and solo
  3. Online training designed by Roehl
  4. Advanced driver training
  5. Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) training
During the final phase of the Military Apprenticeship Program, you have a unique opportunity. You will assist with the driver orientation as a student driver teacher under supervision. This is part of the Roehl Trainer Foundations’ Student Teaching program. As a graduate from the Apprenticeship Program, you’ll earn different certifications, including:
  • CVTA Basic Instructor Certification
  • Department of Labor Heavy Truck Driver Certificate of Training 
  • Roehl Driver Trainer Certification

Roehl Honor Program for Military Vets

As a military veteran or someone serving in the National Guard or Reserves, you may be eligible for another program at Roehl. The Roehl Honor Program offers you the recognition for your service.

Get Started with Veteran Friendly Jobs

To take that next step in your truck driving career with veteran friendly jobs, choose Roehl. We work with former military members, from those with a service classification of 3531 MOS, AFSC 2T131 and 88M to many others who want to be a professional truck driver. We offer jobs for veterans including ex-military jobs for drivers with no driving experience.

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