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Types of Truck Driving Jobs



There are a lot of different types of truck driving jobs, and the first thing you should know as a professional is that when you are driving a truck, you are more than just a truck driver. You are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As a Class A CDL holding commercial vehicle operator, you are driving a Class 8 truck and pulling a specific trailer. The most common types of trailers are dry van and flatbed. However, refrigerated (or reefer), tanker and automobile (car/truck/other vehicle) hauling are other specialized types trucking jobs that you can get into. As you consider what type of truck driving jobs are best for you, let us help you with a quick guide to types of CDL jobs.

Types of Equipment / Divisions

Dry Van Trucking Jobs

A dry van truck is a boxed trailer commonly measuring 53 feet in length and secured with a locking back door. The typical freight hauled in a dry van trailer is general merchandise that is transported by pallets. You will find both less than truckload and full truckload freight in dry van trucking positions. Here at Roehl Transport, we offer dry van truckload services to our extensive customer base across America.

Flatbed Trucking Jobs

Flatbed trailers are the open sided trailers (open deck) you see transporting heavy equipment, oversized freight and other materials that are typically loaded from the side. Flatbed trucking jobs require drivers to secure (tarp and strap) cargo in order to maintain its security. The design of a flatbed trailer allows for this type of shipment to be loaded in a variety of methods, such as by a crane or forklift. Flatbed truck drivers often deliver to job sites and can be compensated for securement work they do.

Reefer Trucking Jobs

A refrigerated trucking job involves transporting temperature-controlled freight. Refrigerated truck drivers monitor the temperature of their loads regularly to ensure the freight is compliant. In addition, a reefer trailer has a specialized engine and coolant system that keeps the trailer compartment at a set temperature. Modern refrigerated trailers that Roehl uses are quiet, energy efficient and always connected to our system so we can also remotely monitor the loads.

Tanker Trucking Jobs

Tanker truck drivers obtain a specialized endorsement on their CDLs in order to transport this type of freight. You will have to pass the tank endorsement, which requires you to take a test at the local DMV. This test ensures that you are familiar with and can safely transport tanker freight using a commercial truck. A tanker truck driver is hired to transport chemicals, liquids, gases, and other substances that must be moved by tank trailer.

Solo Versus Team Truck Driving Jobs

If you are a solo truck driver, you are someone who drives alone. You do all the driving yourself, and do not have a co-driver. That does not mean you are alone though! You should have the support of a team that includes dispatchers/fleet managers, freight planners, maintenance support staff, office administrators, and others.

Team truck drivers work in pairs. You can be hired with a team driver, or at many companies, you’ll have one assigned to you. The way team driving jobs work is that both drivers are CDL holders and you share the driving duties. Often, this is done to maximize the number of miles that a truck can be driven. You and your co-driver work in shifts and the truck only slows down for fueling up and to load/unload freight.

There are trucking companies that will force drivers into becoming a team, however that is not the case at Roehl Transport. In fact, Roehl has very few teams because our customer base and freight flows do not support it. Another thing some trucking companies will do is take two new drivers and put them together teaming while they are training. Again, Roehl Transport does this differently. At Roehl, if you are with a trainer, you are not team driving. When you are driving, your Certified Driver Trainer is in the passenger seat coaching. When your trainer is driving, you are in the passenger seat observing.

Getting Hired for Class A CDL Trucking Jobs

We are regularly hiring truck drivers at Roehl Transport. Check out our truckload jobs, dry van trucking jobs, refrigerated truck driving jobs, flatbed trucking jobs, and curtainside hauls. We also hire truck drivers for dedicated trucking routes. Visit Roehl Jobs to apply for a truck driving job today.

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