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Why Truck Drivers Choose Roehl Transport!

We are one of North America's safest and most successful trucking companies.

Wall of Values

We are built on a strong set of values that guide our behaviors and that's a big reason why we are so successful.

  • Safety is our cornerstone value and we whole-heartedly support you being safe.
  • Driver Driven means our drivers lead the way. Our drivers are empowered to be leaders and lead the industry in pay, productivity and safety. It also means that we support you and do everything possible to create driver success so you can focus on the important work you will do.
  • Do the Right Thing guides us to act with respect, integrity and honesty. We expect all our teammates to do more than just show up. We all produce a positive impact and act beyond ourselves. It’s really all about owning our action and being the best version of you.
  • Unity in Diversity – We strongly support diversity, inclusion, equality and an appreciation for one another. We value all the diverse backgrounds and mindsets that each individual brings to TeamRoehl.
  • Delivering Success – We deliver success whether we are working with a customer or each other we desire to exceed expectations and find solutions that are a win win for everyone.
  • Innovation – We are a progressive thinking organization. We inspire excellence and are always seeking better solutions. We value technology and how we can leverage it to allow you to make better and more informed decisions for our business and allow you to be as productive as you can.
  • Additional resources: https://about-roehl/wall-of-values

We have a strong business and continue to grow

  • ‚Äč A combination of a growth in our workforce and an abundance of freight available has allowed us to grow steadily over the years.

We are consistently listed on the Transport Topic's Top 100, as well as the CCJ's Top 250.

  • Each year we approach $500 million in revenue and our customers are some of the most prestigious companies in the world.
  • We have a strong customer base - so drivers don't have to wait around for loads - loads are often pre-planned.

The Roehl Way of Protective Driving

  • The Roehl Way of Protective Driving is the industry’s most advanced safe driving program. A strong company culture is based upon a system of guiding principles and values.
  • In The Roehl Way, we invite each of our teammates to commit to honor Safety as a personal value.
  • Teammates learn the difference between a Priority and Value, how our Cornerstone Value of Safety guides and supports our behaviors.
  • Additional resources: The Benefits of Driving the Roehl Way - the trucking industry's most advanced safe driving program video.

The Safe Seven

4 time ATA President's Award winner

  • We were the first truckload carrier to win this award, and we’re the only one to win it four times.
  • We have finished in the ATA top 3 for safety results every year since 2003.
  • Additional resources: Roehl Transport Wins 4th ATA President’s Trophy!

Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation


Tools and Resources for Drivers

My Feedback - Surveys

Surveys help us evaluate our driver experiences and perceptions, so we can make continuous improvements.

  • My feedback surveys are designed to ask questions that are relevant to drivers as they reach milestones in their career with us.
  • Surveys typically take less than 5 minutes to complete and leaders review results regularly to help inform business decisions.
  • We share regular updates about what we’re hearing every month in the company newsletter, The Dispatch.

Driver Advisory Group

A dedicated team of Roehl drivers help leaders get a deeper understanding of the challenges our drivers face on the road.

  • This group meets with leaders once per month to provide input and suggestions on topics such as safety, maintenance, operations and load planning.
  • Members rotate on a regular basis, typically serving on the board for 12 months.

Pet Friendly Trucking Jobs

A program that allows you to bring your pet on the road with you.


Passenger Program

A program that allows you to bring family and friends on the road with you.


My Roehl app

Driver focused, the My Roehl app allows drivers the ability to access essential information on their mobile device or tablet.

This tool makes is simple for drivers to:
  • scan paperwork & photos from the road
  • access important information to do their job
  • access job aids
  • schedule a call back request to speak with a Fleet Manager and much more

Outstanding 24/7 Fleet Manager Support

Your support doesn't end when your Fleet Manager goes home for the day.

  • Over 90% of our drivers are satisfied with the support they receive from their Fleet Manager.
  • Even when your Fleet Manager isn't immediately available, we have many ways for you to get the support you need using the My Roehl app, such as:
    • Fully staffed extended operations team
    • Our Call Back Feature
    • Access to your Chain of Leadership

Per Diem Gold Program

Roehl has partnered with a vendor to maximize the per diem benefits available to you!

  • This partnership, and the technological innovation behind it, means that in virtually every case, Roehl drivers who qualify for per diem will take home more.
  • Additional resources: Per Diem Gold Program Details

Training, Education and Career Advancement Opportunities

Roehl Youniversity

An online learning platform accessible to you from anywhere in the country.

  • We have an online school that is accessible from any WIFI or cellular connection.
  • Roehl You has a library of over 200 courses that allows our drivers to continue learning and developing your skills.

Trainer Foundations

This program is designed for drivers interested in helping new-to-the-industry drivers learn how to driver safely and productively.

  • In this week-long program, drivers have an opportunity to learn about adult teaching techniques, effective communication, coaching, conflict resolution.
  • The class also deepens the trainer’s understanding of The Roehl Way, the Safe Seven and our company culture.

2-Year Apprenticeship Program

Our 2-year Apprenticeship program is a federally-recognized, competency-based educational program.

  • It’s a combination of your regular driving job, on-line education about truck driving and the truck driving industry, and on-site trainer education.
  • At the end of the 2-year program, you’ll earn a certificate from the US Department of Labor, recognizing you as a professional heavy truck driver.

Safety Sessions

Opportunities to continue to learn and build on behaviors that support our value of Safety.


Driving Simulator

A resource available to practice those challenging scenarios you will experience on the road.

  • We have driving simulators at most of our terminal locations where we can simulate certain driving situations and environments, so you are prepared and know what driving behaviors to do when you experience these out on the road.

Owner Operator / Lease Operator Program

Owner Operator jobs at Roehl put drivers in the best position to move consistent freight as their own boss.

  • Owner Operators that partner with Roehl Transport are in the top third of drivers for net income.
  • We offer a complimentary Course of Advanced Business Standards (CABS) course helps you successfully manage duties as a professional owner operator.
  • We give all the support without taking away any of the control.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have your own truck, or looking to apply for our lease purchase program, we give all the support you need to transition.
  • Additional Resources: Owner Operator Trucking Jobs

Driver Recognition

Driver Appreciation Week

We celebrate with our drivers during this week.

  • We host TeamRoehl socials that include week-long recognition celebrated at each terminal with food, social events and TeamRoehl swag.

Safe Driving Awards

Each year we recognize and award our driving teammates that live our cornerstone value.

  • We have annual recognition and monetary awards for safe-driving, presented for 12 consecutive months of preventable accident-free driving.
  • We also have a multi-year award, presented for each additional 12 months of preventable accident-free driving.
  • In addition, safe drivers earn additional cents per mile for Accident Free pay.

Million Mile Club (One, Two, Three, Four and Five-Million Mile)

This elite club recognizes those driving teammates who drive at least 1 million consecutive accident free miles with Roehl Transport.

  • Attaining this milestone is a major accomplishment that adds these professional drivers to the ranks of the driving elite.
  • Roehl Million Milers receive a special award trophy and a unique decal for their truck along with special recognition.

Outstanding Performance Awards

Each year we recognize our top performers in safety and performance at our annual awards banquet.

  • The awards are given to as many people as meet the criteria over the course of the year.
  • It is possible to win these prestigious awards multiple times.
    • Driver of the Year
    • Owner Operator Business Partners of the Year
    • Outstanding Trainer Contributor Awards

Awards Banquet

Each year we celebrate TeamRoehl success and honor our nominated teammates for their dedicated service and outstanding performance.

  • We invite our outstanding performers to Marshfield, Wisconsin to enjoy an evening of dinner and drinks and celebrate them and their outstanding accomplishments and years of service.

Military Veterans

Our founder, Everett Roehl, is a military vet.

Just like our Armed Forces, he built Roehl Transport on a strong foundation of values.

  • Our value of “Do the Right Thing” encompasses acting with Respect, Integrity and Honesty.
  • Service men and women often have the character, commitment and a strong sense of responsibility, to be successful TeamRoehl drivers.

Military Friendly Employer

We’ve been recognized as a Military Friendly Employer by the publisher of GI Jobs magazine every year since 2013.

  • We’ve earned that distinction through our military programs, including our Honor Program, our two-year Apprenticeship Program and our on-going participation in ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve).

Roehl Honor Program

This program is a way that we recognize and thank veterans for their service to our country.

  • All veterans in this program receive a certificate and letter from Rick Roehl, expressing his thanks and the respect of a grateful nation, a special decal with the Honor Program eagle for your assigned truck, a hat with the Roehl Honor Program logo, and an Honor Program “challenge coin”, lapel pin and sew-on jacket patch.

2-Year Apprenticeship Program

Our 2-year Apprenticeship program is a federally-recognized, competency-based educational program.

  • Because it is certified by the U.S. Department of Labor, it is also approved as an educational program by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • This allows eligible veterans to draw GI Bill benefits for up to 24 months of the program.

Equipment and Maintenance Support

Equipment Age

You have access to new, reliable, and dependable equipment that will help you stay moving and productive.


Maintenance Program

We manage our own maintenance program. It is top notch and driver focused. We measure maintenance down time in minutes rather than days.

  • We know that time is money in transportation.
  • We have a strong preventative maintenance program that decreases breakdowns and allows you to be more productive.
  • If you do experience unexpected issues, we offer maintenance solutions at six terminals situated across America.
  • If you need help over the road we offer an extensive network of over the road vendors.
  • We track our time in the shop in minutes rather than days like other carriers.
  • To ensure our maintenance techs help our driver stay productive, they meet weekly with their supervisors and those supervisors meet weekly with their leaders to ensure we are continuing to find innovative and better ways to reduce the amount of time a drivers spends in the shop. This is a continuous improvement model that supports our value of Innovation.
  • Additional resources:

Terminals with maintenance support


Health and Wellness Programs

Robust benefits plan

Here at Roehl your health and financial security is cared for and invested in.

  • The benefits we offer have real value to you and your family. We want you to understand and take advantage of them.
  • Learn more about the health, wellness and financial benefits, such as 401K matching and profit sharing, we offer our employees on our benefits website.
  • Additional Resources:

Company-sponsored wellness activities

You'll find a variety of wellness offerings that can help you and your family stay healthy and happy.


Community Involvement

TeamRoehl HelpFund

An employee fund that financially assists teammates.

  • Our HelpFund is employee funded and provides financial assistance to teammates and their families during time of emergency crisis.
  • Through this fund, we’ve financially assisted over 500 of our own families totaling in over $450,000 in assistance.

United Way Campaign

The United Way creates community-based solutions that strengthen the cornerstones for a good quality of life, education, financial stability and health.

  • We offer opportunities for our teammates to support the United Way through team and community relationship building.

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT)

A program that educates, equips and empowers truck drivers to combat human trafficking.

  • We partner with Truckers Against Trafficking to fight against human trafficking.
  • We provide our drivers online training to get TAT certified and a TAT truck decal.
  • The training addresses how to identify potential human trafficking and how to report suspicious activity.
  • We believe that truck drivers are the eyes and ears out on the road and that we have an opportunity to support this initiative.
  • Additional resources:
  • Additional resources:

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