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Owner Operator Freight Choice

As an Owner Operator, you'll appreciate the ability to pick the loads and the freight you want to haul. When you partner with Roehl, one of the BOSS benefits you'll get is just that: freight choice. This gives you greater control over your time and schedule, allowing you to more closely align with the times you want to drive and where you want to operate.

We offer freight selection to national van and refrigerated owner operators using our smartphone app.

While freight selection is very popular and using the MyRoehl App is really a snap, you've still got plenty of support with the loads, if you want it. Your Business Advisor is available to answer questions and provide guidance.

With our jobs for owner operators, you are the BOSS, and freight selection using the convenience of the MyRoehl app gives you even more control of your business.

Owner Operators get a choice of freight delivered to their smartphones

Video: Freight Selection & the MyRoehl App

This video shows an overview of our freight selection program for owner operators. In it, you'll see our internally developed MyRoehl smartphone app. Using the MyRoehl App, you'll see a list of loads that are available to you. The loads are presented and updated in real time. You simply select the one you want and you’re on your way. The MyRoehl App is available for both android and apple devices.