You’ve decided you want to pursue a career as a truck driver – that’s exciting news! Truck drivers play an important role in the economy and the demand for drivers is high. Before you can get a job driving a truck, you’ll need to obtain your Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) and then get your Commercial Driver’s License. The CDL exam process typically occurs over the course of a day and involves both written and driving portions (CDL road test).
How to Prepare for Your CDL Exam
  1. Study your state’s Commercial Drivers License Manual – All the test questions on the written exam are taken from topics covered in this manual. Standard topics you’ll encounter include: vehicle inspection, communicating with other drivers, speed and space control, the dangers of distracted driving, shifting gears (**note that with Roehl Transport, you'll train in an automatic shifting truck!), railroad crossings, braking, night-time driving, accident procedures, etc.

  2. Take multiple practice exams – You should take at least one or more CDL practice tests so that you become familiar with the way questions are structured and written. Take these practice tests under the same conditions as you would during your real test. Sit in a quiet room, turn off your phone or leave it in a completely different room, and set a timer for yourself.

  3. Take this seriously. Obtaining your CLP will allow you to get paid while you actually get your CDL and in turn can lead to a great career with a reputable trucking company like Roehl. During the course of your truck driving school, company-sponsored training program or Roehl’s Get Your CDL program, stay focused on learning as much as you can in order to pass your exam. Shift your priorities so that you always make enough time to study and review the topics you’ve learned each week. Some students are crammers or can pass exams without reviewing their curriculum, but be realistic about your individual studying style.

  4. Be aware of automatic failures on the driving portion of your CDL exam – There are certain actions that are considered automatic failures. This includes obvious incidents like getting into an accident or running a red light. However, there are some actions like hitting a curb, forgetting to signal, or not checking your mirrors properly before changing lanes. These mistakes are automatic failures because they can lead to serious consequences. 
Remember, not every trucking school is invested in your success, and even the ones that are may not adequately prepare you for your CDL test. Roehl’s Get Your CDL program has a nearly 100% CDL exam pass rate. And, Roehl is known as one of the safest trucking companies in North America with over 30 years of success training new truck drivers.
You’ll find the resources you need to become a safe, successful truck driver on this site, including how to get your Commercial Learners Permit. Ready to get started? Read our “6 Steps to Getting Your CDL” and apply today! Include the apply now button code.

This is updated article was originally published on January 5, 2018.

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