Tim Norlin, Roehl Transport's Vice President of Driver Employment, sits down for an interview with Ellen Voie, the President & CEO of the Women in Trucking (WIT) Association to discuss driver training, in addition to several other topics. Roehl Transport has been name a Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation.

The interview begins with Tim and Ellen touching upon Roehl’s recent announcement that our drivers were paid more than $3.5 million in safety incentives in 2021, with the expectation that we will be paying out more in 2022. 

Next Tim and Ellen discuss Roehl’s Relaunch Program (as of Oct. 21), a program designed to bring former commercial truck drivers back into the industry. This includes Commercial Driver’s License holders who stepped away from their commercial driving position for non-driving employment. Driver’s will be given credit for prior experience, allowing them to bypass entry/new driver pay and begin earning more from the start. 

From there, the interview proceeds to dive into Roehl’s Driver Training Program, a program that offers paid cdl training.

As the interview continues, Ellen mentions February 7th, the date new entry level driver training rules go into effect. These new rules, formally known as FMCSA's Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) establishes a uniform national benchmark to ensure all new drivers have the same safety skills regardless of their licensed state, the school or CDL training program where they learned to drive. Tim goes on to talk about how Roehl has been prepared (since September of 2021) for these regulations and how nothing will change with our driver training curriculum.

The interview ends with Ellen and Tim taking guest calls, where Tim touches upon other aspects of Roehl’s driver training.

Overall, this is a fascinating interview, one in which both existing, experienced truck drivers and future truck drivers can benefit from. You can listen to the show using this link. Want to hear more from Women in Trucking? Check out our Keeping It Roehl podcast episode featuring Ellen Voie from 2021.

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