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Can student truck drivers get paid while in school?


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Transitioning to a new career is a brave decision, especially if you have to continue earning an income while you go to school. This can be a major obstacle for people who do not have the flexibility to accomplish both at the same time while working in careers such as manufacturing, warehousing, driving for a ride-share (Uber or Lyft), working in the construction industry, or even retail and restaurant industries.

Luckily, the need to earn a paycheck while you train doesn't have to deter you from transitioning into the trucking industry. In fact, there are various programs for student truck drivers that range from company sponsored truck driver training, grants from the VA and other government entities (including local, regional and state levels), and even programs that allow you to get paid while you earn your CDL, like Roehl's Get Your CDL.

No matter how you obtain your CDL, Roehl has one of the highest regarded on-the-job truck driver training programs in the trucking business, called the Safety and Job Skills Training Program. This program helps inexperienced drivers learn how to do the work of a professional driver, and it also teaches drivers how to be successful and safe, and best of all, you’ll get paid while you are doing it.

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Roehl has been a successful trucking company for over 55 years, and we’ve been training new truck drivers for almost 30 years. This is not a fly by night operation put in place as a reaction to the nationwide truck driver shortage. Nor is our program a cdl mill that preys on the dreams of candidates and feeds a larger churning machine. Roehl is built on values, and we want our teammates to be successful. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely done research and read reviews – and if not, please do so – and by all means, watch our testimonial videos and talk to our drivers.

Roehl makes it possible for student truck drivers without a CDL to get paid while in training, and while we don’t call our program a truck driving school, the first three weeks are very similar. Except that our Get Your CDL program pays you while you learn. In some cases, however, the Get Your CDL program may not be available in your area, or you may not want to travel to one of our locations. If that is your situation, know that Roehl works with many truck driving schools, offering employment to qualified graduates, with additional benefits like tuition reimbursement. And, while you may have to juggle trucking school with a side job (or your current job), it is possible to get into a trucking career and get paid on-the-job training once you have your CDL.
Here are some tips for managing both work and truck driving school over the course of several months:

  • Create a strong support system – Whether it’s your manager, spouse, siblings, or mentor, make sure those around you fully support your decision to embark on a new career. They should be willing to help out if you can’t get off from work early enough to pick up your kids, if you need several hours alone to study for an exam, or take care of chores around the house that would normally be your responsibility. This network will also help as you become an over the road driver.
  • Find a job that is flexible – If you need to attend school five days a week, find a job that gives you the freedom to work evening or night hours, and full-time on the weekends. Remember that this is just a temporary situation, so don’t be too picky when looking for jobs that can provide income for this short period of time. If this is not feasible, and you qualify for Roehl’s Get Your CDL program, you’ll be hired on the first day and paid while you learn.
  • Stay focused on your goal – The goal is to get a great job with a top trucking company like Roehl, where you can earn $60,000+. When times get tough and you feel like you can’t continue to work and study at the same time, think about this end result, to help you stay motivated.
  • Recognize how happy you feel when learning – You may dread going to work after your classes, but while you are at school, does the time fly by? Do you feel excited when learning new techniques for your future career? The more you enjoy your trucking coursework, the faster time will fly by. Before you know it, you’ll have your CDL and be ready for over the road training.
  • Plan ahead – Whether you have family members, or you are a single parent trying to do everything on your own, time management is key. Plan out your week ahead of time, including assignments for school, as well as everyday obligations at home. This will reduce chaos and keep you focused.
  • Eliminate distractions – During this time period, you can’t justify spending hours binging on your favorite show, or hanging out every night with friends. This is part of the trade-off you have to make in order to get ahead in your career. Some small compromises now will mean a more enjoyable future for yourself and your loved ones.

When applying for trucking school, look for programs or companies that offer to pay you during the CDL training process and do your research! Getting paid to learn about your new career is the ideal scenario. However, if this opportunity is not available to you, just know that you will soon have your CDL and be on the way to earning great pay, even as a new driver.

If you want to get paid while you are getting your CDL, apply to Roehl's on-the-job CDL A training today!

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