To an owner operator, net revenue is what hits their bottom line – it’s the profits they get for doing their owner operator truck driving job well and running their trucking companies. And, a recent benchmarking survey conducted by the leading independent contractor trucking company business services firm reinforces  what many, many owner operators already knowtheir net revenue is the best in the trucking industry.

Flatbed owner operators partnering with Roehl had the highest net income in their group! For owner operators pulling van loads, they remained in the top third for net income.

Some notes from the survey:
  • This is the first time that flatbed and van owner operators who partner with Roehl have been measured separately. In previous surveys, the combined group of owner operators partnering with Roehl have been in the top third for net revenue.
  • The data collected comes from thousands of owner operators and represents the biggest names in the owner operator business all the way down to small trucking companies.
  • An analysis of the data reveals that total miles and even high mileage compensation can be attractive to an owner operator. Even having the highest overall total revenue can be misleading because that does not take into account costs which are not included in regular truck driver salaries. So, while excellent from a marketing standpoint, those do not always lead to the best net income, and that, of course, is what really matters. Getting high net revenue takes a comprehensive program meant to help owner operators be successful, and it includes keeping costs down!  
  These are some of the reasons owner operators jobs with Roehl have the best net revenue, and why so many owner operators continue to stay connected to the company. If you're an owner operator and want to be a leader, contact us to learn about B.O.S.S. benefits, including freight selection, creating and branding your business and so much more. Are you an experienced driver looking to profit on your hard work? We have affordable leases on expertly maintained equipment.
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