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Drivers - Professional Truck Driver | Paid CDL Training & Job

3 days home after 11-14 days out
Get Your CDL
Get Paid to Get Your CDL

Job Overview

Are you interested in the trucking industry and want to apply for CDL training? Enrolling in the Roehl GET YOUR CDL™ driver training program means you’ll be learning from, and working with, some of the best drivers in the country, and you'll be paid while you do that!
We will pay you as we train to you to Get Your CDL, license you need to be a professional truck driver. 

You can leave the rideshares and food and grocery deliveries behind. You can apply your skills operating a bus or straight truck. You can become a vital part of the US economy - and you'll have a career rather than a job. 

Here's how our program works:
  • Training to obtain your CDL is part of the job.
  • You are hired and paid as an employee on day 1.
  • You’ll be paid while you get your CDL™.
  • Your CDL training is three weeks and is available in multiple locations. 
  • After you have your CDL, you'll continue your on-the-job training as a long haul truck driver.
  • If you were to go to a CDL school, you would not get paid while you are training AND you'd have to come up with the tuition for the school.
  • We're a stable company that provides full benefits - we invest in you.
Roehl drivers are on track to make $70,000+! 
When you choose to succeed, we're here to help you!

Instead of driving around a city or pre-determined routes, you can become a professional truck driver with Roehl Transport, one of the nation's safest trucking companies

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We make it easy for you. Simply fill out this form and we’ll connect & match you with the driving job that best fits your needs.

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We make it easy for you. Simply fill out this form and we'll connect & match your with the driving job that best fits your needs.