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Roehl's been training new truck drivers for over 30 years.

During that time, we've earned a reputation as one of the safest, most professional trucking companies in America. We created these videos so you can hear from drivers who joined Roehl Transport with no experience and have since achieved success as professional American truck drivers.

Keys to Success Video: Who chooses a truck driving career?

In this video, you’ll hear from people who joined Roehl Transport with no experience and have since achieved success as professional American truck drivers. Successful truck drivers come from all walks of life and they have something in common: they made a decision to change and better their lives. In addition to great pay and many other benefits that come from being a part of TeamRoehl, many drivers appreciate the uniqueness of the career – like getting away from a stationary job and gaining the ability to experience our great country. Our drivers deliver confidence and satisfaction all across America every day. Our drivers are leaders – the elite members of one of the safest fleets in the industry. They drive to better themselves, their families, our company and our country. As you start your new career, choosing where you get your on-the-job training will make all the difference. At Roehl, we know how to be successful, and more importantly, we know how to help you be successful too.


Keys to Success Video: How drivers maximize their earnings

Becoming a successful truck driver is not something that happens overnight. Roehl Transport is here to support you as you gain confidence in yourself, improve your stamina and utilize the skills you’ll be taught. You’ll get insights from drivers who started with no experience and achieved success with Roehl in this video. As a new driver, it’s important to know that your physical abilities and stamina to safely drive will build over time. You’ll also learn how to maximize your earnings through communication and effective use of your time. At Roehl, you’ll have a team that will fully support you so you too can be a successful, professional truck driver.


Keys to Success Video: How to stay connected to and maintain your life outside the truck

A truck driving career is similar to many other professions with a lot of travel. It’s often said that truck driving is not just a job - it’s a lifestyle. In this video, you’ll get real-world examples from truck drivers who joined Roehl Transport to get paid-on-the-job training. Being a successful truck driver means understanding the balance between your home time and how much you earn. At Roehl, we believe you deserve a Life Outside the Truck (LOT) so can you enjoy your home time your way. you will have full access to the support you need to make your career a success. We offer many different fleet options so you can find balance.


Keys to Success Video: Safety & Performance

When you’re just starting out, you want your training to come from one of the safest trucking companies in the nation because how well you get trained over the next weeks and month will impact the rest of your career. At Roehl, you’ll learn The Roehl Way of Protective Driving, the techniques that keep you safe and protect the people you share the road with. You’ll also be rewarded for your efforts through our performance-based Your Choice Pay Plan. Roehl Transport has repeatedly won the American Trucking Association’s President’s Trophy (the trucking industry’s top honor) as well as numerous other safety awards. Safety is our cornerstone value and our truck drivers choose safe behaviors because they are driven to protect others. Roehl drivers are leaders. As you start your career, know we’re here to help you create your success.


Keys to Success Video: Roehl, the right company

In this video, you'll hear from several professional drivers about why they think Roehl is the right company for them. Roehl drivers are industry leaders for safety, productivity, earnings and customer service. We encourage you to do your research and read reviews about Roehl and other trucking companies. You'll find that Roehl is one of the safest and best run trucking companies in America


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