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At Roehl, we get you the home time that balances your needs while still maximizing your earning potential.

At Roehl, you only stay out as long as you want to. It's that simple.

Different people, at different stages of life, have different home time needs. Our industry leading HOMEtime PLUS™ Fleets provide consistent, dependable schedules and up to 26 weeks a year off.

Our flexible national fleet home time options offer three days home after driving eleven to fourteen days. Stay out longer and you’ll get up to seven days home at a time.

Want even more home time? Our dedicated and regional driving jobs get you home weekly (and sometimes during the week) and our local driving jobs get you home daily. With so many options, it’s clear that we take home time seriously.

Certain fleets and home time options may not be available in every area, and they may also require a minimum experience level to join. Additionally, our Driver Employment Specialists will help you understand which fleet options would be a good fit for you, based on your situation and experience level. Learn more about our home time options below.

  • Home Daily:  Our local truck driving jobs offer drivers daily home time. Most local truck driving jobs that get you home nightly are based out of our terminals.
  • Regional and Dedicated fleets offer weekly home time, or get up to 26 weeks a year off with our HOMEtime PLUS™ 7/7 Fleet
  • Get an average of 120 days off a year and get home every other week by driving for 7 days with 4 days home, followed by 7 days of driving with 3 days home.
  • Get high miles and extended home time. Drive 14 days and then you'll be home 7 days.

Video: Truck Driving Jobs and Home Time

In this video, you'll learn more about the home time options available in Roehl truck driver jobs.


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We make it easy for you. Simply fill out this form and we'll connect & match your with the driving job that best fits your needs.