Video: George K. - Two Unique Things


Experienced truck driver George K. articulates how he achieves driver success with Roehl. George shares that the support he receives makes him feel appreciated and in control as a professional truck driver.


Video: Russell B. - How I found Roehl


In this experienced truck driver testimonial video, Russell B. explains how he was searching for a company that would keep him closer to home, which he likes. Russell did his research on Roehl, including talking to some Roehl drivers, and he’s found that he’s getting everything he was promised.


Video: Chuck B.- So Many Good Things


In this video, Chuck B., an experienced over-the-road professional truck driver, talks about the many benefits of driving for Roehl Transport. Chuck notes that Roehl provides excellent benefits, home time and offers a variety of options for the types of freight drivers can haul and where they can go.


Video: Ashley N. - Pets, Helpful Drivers, Home Time & Pay


Ashley N., an experienced flatbed truck driver, shares how she appreciates having her dog with her while she works. Ashley also talks about how she finds other Roehl drivers friendly & helpful. She highlights the benefits of Roehl’s industry leading home time, and Ashley commented on the confidence that she has in her pay.


Video: T.J. Odell - Returning to Roehl


Experienced professional truck driver T.J. Odell tells his Roehl re-hire story. T.J. begins by explaining that he was approached by a friend who was working the fracking industry. T.J. talks about how he moved to a different state only to learn that the company he was going to work for lost their contract and could not give him a truck driving job.

T.J. then did his research, comparing several companies against what Roehl offered, and he returned to Roehl. He summarized the experience with this advice: make sure you do an apples to apples comparison, and for T.J., Roehl outperforms the rest.


Video: Mark S. - Family, Camaraderie and a Sense of Belonging


Experienced truck driver Mark S. shares what he feels sets Roehl apart from other trucking companies. Mark notes that he started his career with a different carrier, and he talks about a sense of belonging with Roehl.


Video: Bert Dahlman - Doing It Right


In this video, Bert Dahlman explains why he is a professional truck driver working for Roehl Transport. Bert talks about his experiences and offers some guidance for those interested in a truck driving job with Roehl.


Video: Gary La France - Doing my Job & Being Successful


In this experienced truck driver testimonial video, Gary La France, a professional Roehl Transport Flatbed Driver explains how he achieves driver success. Gary notes that Roehl provides him with miles and support so he keeps moving, and how he appreciates the independence to do his job. Gary also notes that he gets home when he wants to be, and he shares how he works with his fleet manager to make that happen.


Video: Robert Byrnes - Returning to Roehl


Professional truck driver Robert Byrnes tells his Roehl re-hire story. Robert joined Roehl after he got his CDL at a truck driving school. Then, Robert left the company for a local truck driving job. Robert noted that the local job paid much less than he was making at Roehl and that he actually got home less. Robert laments that by leaving Roehl, he impacted his benefits.


Video: Bryan Campbell - Getting It Right


In this video, experienced truck driver Bryan Campbell shares his success with Roehl Transport.


Video: Bill Lehman - It Really Shows


In this video, experienced truck driver Bill Lehman explains why he’s spent the majority of his truck driving career at Roehl. Bill talks about respect and safety – both show him that Roehl cares.


Video: TJ Odell - Behind You 100%


In this video, experienced truck driver TJ Odell shares some of the unique differences he’s found at Roehl. TJ feels that his success is valued at Roehl, and, while he notes that other trucking companies may have a good sales pitches, he knows his success will continue with Roehl.


Video: Ted Butler - Using Your Time to Make a Good Living


In this video, Experienced Roehl truck driver Ted Butler cuts to the point in this video. Ted says that if you’re a driver who likes doing your job like a professional – being trust-worthy, being on-time and using your time wisely – Roehl keeps you moving and earning.


Video: Jason Francis - A Million and One Options


In this video, Jason Francis, an experienced truck driver, explains the many truck driving jobs available at Roehl. Jason also notes that there Roehl offers a jobs outside of the trucks, including in operations, recruiting and maintenance.


Video: Charles "Chaz" Schlater – A Great Company to Drive For


In this video, Charles "Chaz" Schlater talk about Roehl’s safety and how drivers are empowered. An experienced truck driver, Chaz expresses his excitement with his job.