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Tennessee CDL Information

  1. Age
    • You Must Be 18 Years of Age in Order to Drive A Commercial Truck in The State of Tennessee (intrastate), While Those Who Are Interested in Driving Out of State (interstate) Must Be 21 Years of Age. The 21 Years of Age Also Applies to Transporting Passengers, Commercially, in the State of Illinois
  2. To Acquire Your CLP and Move on to Obtaining a CDL, You Must Hold a Valid State of Tennessee Class D Driver’s License
    • License Must Be in Good Standing
  3. Study for Your State of Tennessee Commercial Learner’s Permit
  4. Apply for Your Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)
  5. Medical Standards

Paid CDL Training in Tennessee

Do you feel the lure of the open road and yearn for a job that pays well and offers the opportunity to perform an important service? Have you thought about getting your commercial driver’s license, but have been put off by the cost of CDL school? Do you need to start earning money now?

If you're interested in a career track that has the potential for long-term employment and a salary that can easily exceed $70,000+, long distance, over-the-road freight hauling might be the career you're seeking.

Roehl Pays You to Train as a Driver

We'll pay you from day one as you work to get your CDL under the guidance of trained instructors who are committed to your success. 

During three  weeks of intensive training, you'll learn what you need to know to get your CDL. We provide you with both the skills training and the confidence to pass the driving test on your first attempt. But that's only the beginning.

Once you earn your CDL, you'll enter the second phase of our program. It usually lasts between 19 and about 24 days. We send every student out on the road with a certified driver trainer who coachs you about trip planning, safety, maintenance, fuel efficiency, freight handling, customer service and much more.
The final segment of our three-phase training puts you fully in charge. You'll be responsible for freight order delivery, but you're not totally on your own even then. You'll be earning full mileage pay, and a fleet manager is still "at your side," to smooth any bumps and rough spots you may encounter. 

Earn Immediately, and Build a Secure Future

From day one, every student we accept into our program is an employee and a valuable member of our team.

We pay you to learn: $616 a week as a student, and you're hired on the first day. We expect you to do well: Our company CEO, Rick Roehl, is a driver, and he's committed to the success of this innovative program. All we ask is that, in return, you commit to staying with Roehl for at least 120,000 solo miles, which takes on average about 15 months.

Investing in Success

We need drivers, and we invest heavily in the success of each student. That investment continues with programs like Roehl "Youniversity" for experienced drivers, and a variety of career options and resources.

Roehl has been in business for 60 years, building its reputation as one of the country's leading trucking companies. We want new drivers who want a future with a great company. We offer one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the industry, including full medical coverage, life insurance, profit sharing and 401K contributions. 

If you're ready to join us, fill out the application now. 

Where Will I Take Part in CDL Training?

Roehl offers CDL training in multiple locations, typically located near our terminals.

Roehl Driver Training Locations (Note: You Will Be Training at One of the Four Locations Listed Below)

Roehl Transport Marshfield Headquarters

1916 E. 29th Street

Marshfield, WI 54449

Roehl Transport Appleton Terminal

6915 County Rd BB

Neenah, WI 54956

Roehl Transport Atlanta Terminal

4215 Bowman Industrial Ct.

Conley, GA 30288

Roehl Transport Chicago Area Terminal

6700 W. 15th Ave.

Gary, IN 46406




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We make it easy for you. Simply fill out this form and we'll connect & match your with the driving job that best fits your needs.