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Illinois CDL Steps and Requirements

  1. Age
    • You Must Be 18 Years of Age in Order to Drive A Commercial Truck in The State of Illinois (intrastate), While Those Who Are Interested in Driving Out of State (interstate) Must Be 21 Years of Age. The 21 Years of Age Also Applies to Transporting Passengers, Commercially, in the State of Illinois
  2. To Acquire Your CLP and Move on to Obtaining a CDL, You Must Hold a Valid State of Illinois Class D Driver’s License (Also Known as a “Base” license)
    • License Must Be in Good Standing, It Cannot Be Revoked or Suspended and Must Be Valid the Entire Time You Hold A Commercial Permit
  3. Study for Your State of Illinois Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP)
    • We Recommend Using the CDL Manual Provided by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    • Illinois Provides a CDL Study Guide
  4. Apply for Your Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)
    • Schedule an Appointment Online
      • You Will Need to Confirm Your Identity
      • Provide Proof of Identity, One Proof of Legal Presence, Two Proofs of Illinois Residency, And Proof Of Your Social Security Number
  5. Medical Standards

If you need help while you are doing research, you can call our Employment Advisors at 715-591-7050. All of our Employment Advisors here at Roehl are well versed in the intricacies in regards to acquiring your CLP in Illinois, and then moving on to becoming a CDL truck driver.

Roehl Offers Paid CDL Training for Illinois Residents
Here’s your opportunity to earn while you learn as you work toward your Illinois commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a lucrative career as a truck driver. In other words, you can get paid CDL training and have a job offer waiting when you complete the course and earn your CDL.

Why Consider Driving Trucks as a Career?
As the demand for consumer goods grows across the U.S. so does the demand for truck drivers to transport those goods from one location to the next. This makes now the ideal time to begin your training for an in-demand industry that is poised for growth to keep up with the demand. Transport Topics reports a shortage of more than 60,000 drivers were needed at the end of 2018. As the economic boom continues, those numbers are sure to grow. That spells job security for truck drivers.
With the shortage of drivers, pay for quality drivers is also on the rise, which is good news for those who get on board, now, and embark on an exciting new career as a truck driver.

Why Train with Roehl?

Roehl is offering something exciting and unique for truck drivers. We are not your typical CDL school. You have to pay for those. Here’s what we offer you:
•    Tuition-Free CDL Training
•    We Hire You, You Are an Employee and You Earn $616 Per Week While You Train For Your CDL.
•    Once You Get Your CDL, We Continue Paying You as You Train, On-the-job, To Work For Us As A Long-haul Driver.
•    Once You Complete Your Training, You Continue On Your Professional Driving Career In One of Our Fleets.

Beyond the better than FREE CDL training, Roehl offers many benefits other trucking companies do not, such as performance bonus pay plans, premium mileage pay plans, pet friendly trucking jobs, an outstanding benefits package, and a rider/passenger policy that allows you to bring a guest along for the ride with you.

We believe that by investing in our drivers, we are driving our company toward greater success. You can begin earning a comfortable living as a truck driver in a relatively short amount of time. In the meantime, you will earn as you learn through our program.

During the first phase, you will earn $616 a week while studying to get your CDL. During phase two you will work behind the wheel with a certified trainer. This phase lasts approximately 19-24 days, for most drivers – though this is performance-based and may require fewer or more days, during which you will earn $112 per day while working with your trainer.

Upon successful completion of the second phase, you will receive your first assignment. Then you will go on full mileage pay in your own truck – while still not fully alone for phase three. This phase usually lasts about a month.

Roehl Driver CDL Training Locations

Appleton Terminal

Chicago Area (Gary) Terminal

Marshfield Terminal & Corporate Headquarters

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