Are you an experience driver tired of waiting for annual increases?

You can achieve higher levels of pay through higher levels of performance on our unique performance based Your Choice Pay Plan. You can get an increase each quarter up to our top mileage rate (and we pay practical route miles - you earn 5-8% more!).

Are you looking to become a CDL driver and want to know what income to expect?

When people search for information about a truck driver salary, most of the time what they are seeking is how much will I get paid driving a truck?

This is a complex question because of how the transportation industry pays drivers. First and foremost, most companies do not actually pay a truck driving salary. Instead, almost all trucking companies pay drivers based on the number of miles they've driven using a cents per mile (CPM) formula. That's why many experienced drivers typically want to know how many miles they'll drive and what the CPM is because they already know that getting a truck driver's salary is not likely. Unfortately, only considering miles and CPM overlooks a lot of other important components. No matter what you call it, Roehl's truck driver pay is among the best. Here's why.

How much do truck drivers make per mile?

Cents Per Mile Pay - not all high-paying trucking jobs are the same.

For most companies, a driver's cents per mile is contingent on their experience level and time at the company. A truck driving salary model that rewards people for longevity and experience is one way to compensate truck drivers, and historically, it is how the industry has done it.

Roehl fits into that model (and we were traditionally considered by industry groups as having some of the highest paying trucking jobs - that's was our reputation and how we became known as the "Take Home More, Be Home More" carrier). However, what sets us apart when it comes to pay is how we began to pay drivers for things that lots of other companies did not (see the list below). 

Around 2004, as part of our desire to advance truck driving pay (and pay drivers for more of the miles they actually drove), we were one of the first major carriers to pay practical route miles. Basically, this style of pay adds up to around 5% more per year than companies that pay HHG (household good / short route) miles. We continue to compensate our drivers using practical route mileage.

In 2012, we unveiled a new compensation model, one that's based on performance, not on longevity. This model, while a bit more complex than the industry standard, has been extermely popular with professional drivers across experience levels. 

"Innovative" and "A Better Way to Pay"

Those are the terms that CCJ magazine used to describe the Your Choice Pay Plan in 2014. With a little over a year of results, it was clear that the new model changed the focus on a simple calculation and empowered drivers to control their W-2s. One of the more unique aspects of this new truck driver pay plan is the ability to get a pay increase each quarter, instead of being restricted to an annual raise at most carriers. The impact on a driver is that you can "choose" the next higher pay level by being a high performer. Why wait five or ten years to max out with a company - Roehl drivers can have high paying trucking jobs much faster. And, we removed much of the bonus structure at our company. Many, many companies promise bonuses to their drivers, but usually the driver has to wait a full year to get them (or in some cases, quarterly). At Roehl, we offer accident-free pay "as you go" meaning you get it as you actually drive, rather than waiting. 


At Roehl, you'll be paid for extras that other carriers do not pay you for (certainly not ones that pay a truck driver salary). The extras you'll get with Roehl include:

  • Intermediate Stops
  • tarping and untarping (flatbed)
  • Hand load or unload
  • Detention Time
  • Short haul pay (loads shorter than 100 miles)
  • layover day
  • NY City and Long Island
  • Canada pay
  • Placard load premium
  • Refrigerated modular unload
  • Secondary load
  • Approved lumpers paid

We also reward drivers for safe driving, and for referring other drivers to Roehl as well as offer profit sharing so you can retire in style - these are the extras that go over and above truck driver pay.

We're proud to be certified as a "Top Pay Carrier" by the National Transportation Institute. That means ours are among the highest paying trucking jobs. 

Video: Take Home More

In this video you'll hear how you can increase your truck driver pay through Roehl.

After reading this page and watching our video, we hope you'll have a better sense of the difference between a truck driver salary and how the transportation industry generally compensates truckers. We also trust you'll see the differences in how Roehl pays our teammates, and how that leads to better W-2s and overall some of the highest paying trucking jobs. 

If you are an experienced truck driver, take this opportunity to join a company that is built on values and is led by a driver: you can be the driver you want to be with Roehl. If you're looking to own your own trucking company, consider Roehl's excellent lease/purchase options. And, if you're an inexperienced or student truck driver, consider Roehl's industry leading on the job training, including our Get Paid to get your CDL Program (and start studying using our CDL practice test general knowledge and other CDL resources.
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