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Roehl Continues to Be a Pet-Friendly Trucking Company



Roehl Transport Has a Driver Pet Program

For many people, taking their pet to work is rare treat, if they are even able to at all. But, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day when you drive for Roehl. Join our team and you may be eligible to bring your spayed or neutered dog or cat with you on the road through our Pet Passport Program!

History of Take Your Dog (Pet) to Work Day

National Take Your Dog to Work Day, which falls on the 25th of this month, was implemented in 1999 to celebrate the companionship of pets and encourage pet adoptions. The idea behind Take Your Dog (Pet) to Work Day is that any day spent with your pet is a better day, and work can be more fun and rewarding when your pet can go with you on the job.

Benefits of Taking Your Dog (Pet) to Work

Companionship. Security. Good Health. Pet-Friendly trucking companies like Roehl know that there are many benefits of taking your pet to work. Pets are therapeutic, and many pet owners are healthier and more resilient than drivers without pets. Here are some things to think about when you're considering a new trucking driving job.

Exercise. Pets need to get out of the cab of the truck throughout each trip. While meeting the needs of their pet, truck drivers stretch their legs and get bathroom breaks themselves. This is healthy for the driver as well as their pet.

  • Weight loss. Drivers who get out to walk their dogs may find it easier to lose weight than drivers who do not have pets. Pets are like the ultimate exercise buddy because they hold their owners accountable for their exercise.
  • Heart-healthy lifestyle. Pet owners may require fewer visits to the doctor vs non-pet owners. They may have lower cholesterol levels, lower triglycerides, and some people who have heart attacks survive longer than people who do not have pets. In other words, pets can be very good for your health and heart.
  • Improved mood. Interacting with a dog or cat has been proven to improve mood by elevating levels of dopamine and serotonin. Pet owners may have a lower risk of depression. For truck drivers, some of whom spends days on the road, bringing a pet with you in the cab could make those hours less lonely and more fulfilling. (Feel like you're away from home too much? Be Home More with Roehl! We've added hundreds of home daily and home weekly regional and dedicated driving jobs!)

On the Road with Your Pet: What to Consider

There is a lot to consider when you are on the road with your pet. Safety and logistics change when there is a pet in the truck with you.

Consider the Needs of Your Pet

During the ride, your pet will need regular breaks to stretch their legs, relieve themselves and see the sunshine. They may require more breaks than you would normally take. Know your pet and how often they need to walk around to be comfortable and healthy. Allow your pet to take that time.

You may need to consider your pet's needs as well as your own when planning your days, once you are together on the road. Although many drivers find bringing their pet worthwhile, they must also make plans that make bringing their pet feasible and safe.


The safest place for your pet to ride while you are on the road is secured, away from an airbag. If possible, put your pet on the floor in the back. You do not want your pet to impact your ability to safely operate your vehicle.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should not allow your pet to stick their head out the window when you're on the road. Driving this way can be dangerous for your pet and may compromise your driving.

Never Leave Your Pet in a Hot Vehicle

The interior of a hot vehicle can get as warm as 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Your pet could easily suffer from a heat induced illness and die if left in these conditions for even a short length of time.

ID Your Pet, Keep Them Close

If your pet were to get away from you while you were somewhere on the road, you would want your pet to have proper identification to make your pet easier to find. Make sure that your pet has the proper tags and an ID chip. This will make your pet easier to find, if you should become separated while you are at a rest area or a station.

On pit stops with your pet, use a leash to keep your pet close. Do not let your pet off the leash. Even if your pet is good at staying nearby, your pet could rush out in front of a moving vehicle and be injured or worse.

Pet Proof Your Vehicle

You probably pet-proofed your house. Remember to pet-proof your vehicle! Now that your animal friend is on the road with you, you will need to keep your vehicle safe for your pet at all times. Medicines, foods, and anything your pet might chew up or get into should be put away so that your pet can travel safely with you.

Want to Take Your Pet on the Road? Consider a pet-friendly trucking job with Roehl!

Roehl's pet passport program is a success, and our drivers are happier for it. To learn more about driving for a company that supports your success (including meeting your practical needs as a pet owner), contact us today!

This page was last updated on 1/31/2024.

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