The Promoting Women in Trucking Workforce Act aims to support women in the trucking industry, and Roehl Transport is a proud supporter of the Women in Trucking Association, and a two-time winner of the Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation.

WAOW Channel 9 recently ran a story on The Promoting Women in Trucking Workforce Act and featured a quote from Roehl driving teammate Demetria Grayson. "For the women that are second-guessing it give it a shot, it's well worth it." 

Demetria is a flatbed driver for Roehl and Trainer. She added, "I know it is looked upon as a dominant industry for men, but we also get a lot of help from being out here in this industry. So I encourage a lot of women to get into it."

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This page was last updated on 10/05/2022