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Want to Work in the Trucking Industry, But Not Drive a Truck? Non-Driving Careers Are Available at Roehl



Non-Driving Careers Are Available at Roehl

If you are interested in transitioning from a truck driving career, check out these non-driving careers offered by Roehl:

Diesel and Truck Technician Jobs

A career as a diesel technician pays a median salary of $47,350 a year with a high school diploma or equivalent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in diesel technology, you can increase your salary potential even more. 

By working as a Class A CDL truck driver, you already have operating experience. This gives you a solid start on learning how to work on a diesel engine and transmission. Diesel and truck technicians looking for employment can find jobs today at Roehl Transport.

Fleet Manager Jobs

Experienced truck drivers know the ropes when it comes to driver communication. After all, you have been in the driver’s seat and can empathize with the driver’s circumstances. This is perfect if you are interested in becoming a leader in the trucking industry with a managerial position. As a fleet manager, you are in the right position to provide your fleet drivers with the tools and resources they need to get their trucking job done right and efficiently.

Software Application Developer Jobs

If you have a passion for computers and information technology, the trucking industry needs you. The push toward technology in trucking got its start in fuel-efficient equipment and continued with electronic logging devices. We anticipate seeing even more technology work its way into the trucking industry, including electric engines and automated systems in trucks. 

Carriers like Roehl that have their own mobile apps, such as My Roehl, utilize the skills of software application developers. If you have training and experience in IT and software development, then your skills are in demand.

Warehouse Specialist Jobs

If you have no driving experience and simply want to get your foot into the door at a trucking company, consider a job as a warehouse specialist. A warehouse specialist role varies from forklift operator to lumper. What is a lumper? This is a vital warehouse and dock job involving loading and unloading tractor-trailers, as well as breaking down pallets for distribution. By working in this capacity, you get to experience part of what involves being a truck driver.

While you are not required to get a degree to work in a warehouse, you do need to have your forklift license. You can obtain powered industrial truck safety training via the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This protects you from on the job accidents while ensuring you maintain a safe warehouse and loading space for truckers.

Where to Apply for a Non-Driving Job

As a fast-growing transportation company, we have job needs in Operations (fleet managers and customer service representatives), Maintenance (diesel mechanic jobs and technicians) and Information Technology (software developer jobs). Visit our Non-Driving Jobs page to learn more about and apply for any of the non-driving jobs offered by Roehl.

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