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How Long Do You Have to Go to School to Become a Truck Driver?

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How Long Do You Have to Go to School for Truck Driving?

When you decide to become a truck driver, your first priority is to get a commercial truck driver’s license (CDL). To obtain your CDL, you may consider going to a trucking school. Truck driver training school gives you the tools and skills you need to be a safe and confident over the road operator.

Time Required for CDL Training

First things first, you do not have to go to trucking school for a particular amount of time. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) does not regulate how long you must attend training. As a result, there are truck driving schools across the nation offering everything from one-day CDL training to four-month-long truck driver training courses.

Keep in mind, graduating from truck driving school does not mean you will get your CDL. You must still take the Class A CDL exams at your local Department of Motor Vehicles or via a certified third-party CDL testing provider. If the school fails to provide you with the tools and information, you need to get your CDL; you are back to square one with driver training. That is why you want to select the best training program for your current skill level and previous trucking experience.

How Long You Need to Train

The question of how long you need to train for a commercial driver’s license depends on a few factors. If you are currently without a job, then you need to find truck driver training that is quick and efficient, so you can start driving as soon as possible. 

Even if you have a job, spending four months in a classroom learning how to be a truck driver may be too much time. On the other hand, those supposed quick training courses being offered are not feasible for truck driving students who have never sat behind the wheel of a big rig. Plus, you need to watch out for places that are essentially “CDL Mills”, churning out CDL holders who barely pass the Commercial Drivers License test.

Choosing Paid CDL Training with Roehl and Bypassing School Altogether

At Roehl Transport, we take truck driver training seriously. Not only will we train you to get your Class A CDL, we will also pay you as a student driver while you are obtaining your commercial driver’s license. Plus, we set our truck driver training at three weeks, after which, once you have your CDL, you will get behind the wheel with one of our certified driver trainers. You get three weeks of hands-on training with an OTR expert who will guide you as you kick-start your trucking career. 

If you are a student driver looking for paid CDL training, get your start here at Roehl Transport. Our student drivers earn a paycheck of $616 a week while training for their Class A CDL. More importantly, you are hired on day one as a commercial truck driver for Roehl. That's right, you are a Roehl employee from the moment you begin your training. This gives you the job security you don’t get when you go through truck driving school to earn a Class A CDL.

Find Paid CDL Training Near You

Get started with paid CDL training near you at Roehl Transport today. Our training is conveniently located near several of our truck driving terminal locations, which are in:

Marshfield, Wisconsin

Appleton, Wisconsin

Atlanta, Georgia

Northwest Indiana

We offer paid training for student drivers with no experience. Even if you have some experience or a Class B CDL, we will work with you to get on the fast track to a trucking career at Roehl Transport based in Wisconsin.

Contact Roehl Transport to get started with paid CDL truck driver training today and earn a CDL without truck driving school. 

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