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What To Expect During Your First Year as a Truck Driver

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Your First Year as a Truck Driver

The first year of your career as an over the road commercial truck driver will be unlike any other job you’ve had in your life. Some people say that being a truck driver is a lifestyle - not unlike being in the military. In most cases, you’ll be away from home for a week or more at a time, and you might be living in your big rig sleeper with a mini fridge. Depending on the company you join, you might be sharing that space with a team driver. You’ll be spending your nights in truck stop parking lots and your days passing through new cities seeing the country through a windshield. You’ll also be an important part of the US economy. Find out what it is like to be a truck driver and living the truck driver lifestyle.

Pathway to a Commercial Driver’s License

The biggest difference you’ll see when learning what’s it like to be a trucker is the pathway to the career. All you need is a commercial driver’s license or CDL, which can be earned in a number of ways. You can go to paid CDL training at Roehl Transport or attend a program that you pay for (like a truck driving school). Anyone who is interested in studying for the written exam can take free CDL practice tests at Roehl. Years ago, you could take a CDL exam without going through formal CDL training program, if you already have driving experience. That route is for all intents and purposes closed because major trucking companies require at least a 160-hour program for employment. (Military veterans who drove a truck in the military may be eligible for the Military Skills Test Waiver Program.) 

Life on the Road

The biggest change you will need to prepare for as a commercial truck driver is the over the road lifestyle. There are many videos and other resources available that show people what living out of a truck is like, and you’ll want to bring essentials with you to sustain and keep you comfortable (including food, clothing and work & cleaning supplies).
This is where an excellent “finishing” program can make a real difference. Instead of trying to figure out what you need on your own, companies can provide over the road training to support you, covering the things you need to be successful. From being responsible for your truck as well as your the load you’re hauling, to the regulatory items you need to know, a trainer can bridge your knowledge gap. Roehl Transport has been training new truck drivers for almost 30 years (we know how to be successful, and more importantly, how to help you be successful too).

Unexpected Changes as a Trucker

What do truck drivers do when they have to go to the restroom? Where do you park for the night? What about taking a shower? What do you do if you get sick while on the road? A good trucking company helps you be prepared for the kinds of changes in how you live your life that correspond with being a professional truck driver. When a trucking company is investing in your success, they are not after some short-term profits. In fact, the most stable and successful trucking companies recognize the balance that exists between work and life (Roehl believes you deserve a LOT - a Life Outside the Truck).

Start Your Truck Driver Job at Roehl Transport Today

To get started with a truck driving job with a safe, stable and successful trucking company, consider Roehl Transport. Started by Everett Roehl with a single truck, the company’s been in business for over 60 years. One of the largest trucking companies, Roehl is family owned, and CEO Rick Roehl still maintains his CDL and pulls loads to stay close to the work drivers do for Roehl’s customers. And, Roehl’s is among the safest trucking companies in North America, with over 16 years of top safety honors from the American Trucking Associations. If you’d like to know more about a truck driving career, contact a Roehl Driver Employment Specialist or fill out a Let’s Connect form on www.Roehl.Jobs. Roehl is hiring student drivers who need their first job out of truck driving school and seasoned experienced drivers ready to make more at a new company. Roehl offers military drivers the Roehl Honor Program. Along with paid CDL training and free CDL tests online, Roehl provides step-by-step guidance on how to get paid while you get your cdl.

Choose to apply now with Roehl and give yourself access to the resources, training and career opportunities you need to get the trucking job you want. From the latest equipment to the back-office support, Roehl is the perfect place to start your truck driving career and your own truck driver lifestyle.

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