Roehl’s Pay Accelerators™ Assure Drivers Start Strong!

No matter how you look at it, changing truck driving jobs costs you. It costs you time as you search for a trucking job and miles and, ultimately costs you where it matters most, your pay check. There’s a learning curve during your first few months with a new carrier. Sure, truck driving is truck driving but each trucking company has their own way of doing things: from in-cab communications to various macros and work flow. No matter how experienced of a truck driver you are, your productivity will be affected while you learn these new processes.
At Roehl, we offer experienced drivers Pay Accelerators™ during your first year to enhance your earnings while you learn our processes and procedures. Roehl currently offers three types of Pay Accelerators™ to experienced drivers:
Sign-on Pay:     Sign-on pay, currently 5 cents per mile, is an incentive offered to you when you join our team as an experienced truck driver. Sign-on pay continues for your first year with Roehl and is paid on all dispatched miles.
Transition Pay:     Transition pay of 3 cents per mile provides that cushion to your earnings while you learn Roehl’s processes and procedures. We don’t want your earnings to suffer during your transition to our team. Transition pay is also effective during your first year with Roehl.
PCZ Pay:     PCZ pay, or Primary Commercial Zone pay, currently 2 cents per mile, is offered to experienced drivers that live within our primary operating areas. These areas have the highest freight density and allow us to get drivers home without excessive deadhead or out of route miles. PCZ pay continues during a driver’s tenure with Roehl as long as they continue to reside in the PCZ.

 Added up, these three Pay Accelerators™ can increase your earnings by as much as 10 cents per mile!
And as a Top Pay Certified Carrier , you can be assured your pay rates are among the highest in the industry. Roehl pays based on Practical Route miles versus the short route miles most carriers base their pay on (***Update - Roehl now offers Address-to-Address Practical Route Mileage***). And with our Your Choice Pay Plan, YOU control when you receive your next pay increase or quarterly bonus. You can actually give yourself a pay increase EVERY quarter until you reach our top rates or a quarterly bonus! Give Roehl a serious look today. Visit to view current driving opportunities in your area and to apply! You’ll be glad you did.
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